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Some of you may have heard us being interviewed on Andy Zaltzman’s World Cricket Podcast over at Cricinfo. We were going to direct you all towards Andy’s excellent fortnightly podcast a few weeks ago, but we knew that we were due to appear and it seemed reasonable to assume that we would be shit.

Andy kindly edited out all the shit bits though, including our favourite moment where he asked the seemingly quite enticing question: “Some people are saying that Strauss, Trott, Pietersen and Prior were functioning as South African double agents during this series. What do you make of that?” To which we left an eight minute pause before saying “no” – which doesn’t even make sense.

Also on Cricinfo recently was our article about the importance of being unwatchable, which we thought was okay. Certainly better than next week’s effort which probably isn’t even going to get a link if we’re honest.


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  1. We were on the phone because of technical problems with our laptop.

    It wouldn’t have mattered though. We’re just as muffled in real life.

  2. Well I never. I expected you to sound like Marvin from Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but northern. I think I’ll go on reading the blog in that voice, if it’s all right with you.

  3. What illusion?

    Yes, we do have a bit of a tendency to talk whilst suppressing laughter, but if we’re not in that mode, we do sound quite like Marvin the Paranoid Android (that’s not a joke – we really do).

  4. I have you firmly pictured in my head as a hermit who stutters when forced into social interaction. Now I discover you’re happy to talk to sort-of famous people on the telephone

    It wasn’t a glamorous illusion, sorry.

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