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With England winning the World Twenty20 at about the time it went live, we forgot to point out this article we did for Cricinfo about momentum.

We did two pieces for Cricinfo around that time. One we were quite proud of; the other we weren’t really. Having just read the momentum piece again, we’re not quite sure which one it is. Think the other one’s appearing this weekend so we’ll find out then.

We always get the dead weekend slot at Cricinfo. Hidden away like an asymmetrically faced teenager on a West Beverly Hills High School photo.

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1 Appeal

  1. The “dead weekend” as you put it, KC, is the only time that most people are reading deep into Cricinfo.

    On live weekends, most cricinfo readers are (whisper it) following the cricket, not reading the features.

    Far from being the equivalent of that asymmetric teenager with unfeasible braces on her teeth, you are the star of High School Musical.

    Cricinfo is putting your work in the right areas.

    Your writing career has momentum.

    Those are the positives you should be taking from this.

    Now get back to your word-processor and kick-ass, literally.

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