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We come back from a week away and it’s all kicking off. Cricinfo’s changed so that you can’t tell what’s going on in the world; Nick Knight’s photographing Victoria’s Secret models (“Should be an innovative, eye-catching shot suitable for an ultra-glossy magazine cover… Is an innovative, eye-catching shot suitable for an ultra-glossy magazine cover.”); and Bishan Bedi’s tweeting links to your articles.

Old Bish-Bed was drawing attention to our latest Kings of Cricket piece in which we make a somewhat futile attempt to put Sachin Tendulkar’s achievements into some sort of perspective. Have a read while we go through our emails and just generally try and catch up on everything.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. If it was OUR Nick Knight doing the snapping all the models would have nice summer frocks on, possibly with hats and gloves and none of this, you know, underpinnings stuff on show

  2. A good fashion photographer can get the most out of people who “love the lens”. It would be rare indeed for such a photographer to himself love the lens as much as Nick Knight seems to.

    However, it is also rare for me to share emotions with KP, but “finding Nick Knight seriously irritating” is one emotion we share.

    Strangely, Daisy’s take on Nick Knight has softened in recent years. Perhaps it is the fashion photography link that has caused her to yield. Perhaps Ceci can explain it.

    1. There’s just the feeling that underpinning (fnarr) all the irritating Knightyisms there is a very very nice man. Plus I am on occasions a reluctant housewife and thus according to Sky he must be my choice

  3. One of the things that happened while you were away was that Paul Collingwood stopped being England’s all-time ODI top-scorer.

    1. We actually pointed out that was going to happen to All Out Cricket before we went away and asked them to tweak that section of the article. They didn’t.

    2. It’s better that you don’t go away at all, KC. You can’t trust anybody these days.

      You left one simple instruction to us subjects, namely “don’t slag me off”. Naturally, all hell broke lose as soon as you went.

      I tried to keep some semblance of control in your absence, but I am not in your league. None of us are. Welcome back.

  4. Stokes had a good game today, but way too many dot balls between those 15 sixes. I expect Bopara to surpass that performance many times in the WC. Who knows, he might even get a bowl.

    1. Stokes’ last 10 balls went 6.66.6666, which is clearly unacceptable. I’m sure Ravi would have nurdled a run of all of the balls.

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