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You like gormless facial expressions? This is the placeFrank Duckworth says that if there is a problem with his and Detective Sergeant Lewis’s method of deciding rain-affected games, it is in the fact that the ICC deem five overs to be sufficient to constitute a match.

We agree. If we could characterise a five-over minimum requirement as Naomi from 90210 after she’d made allegations about Mr Cannon, we can then reproduce her stirring apology speech:

“He’s not the pervert. I am… I perverted justice… morality… and the truth.”

You’re forgiven Five-Over Minimum Requirement. Mr Cannon/the Duckworth-Lewis calculations are in the clear. We can all see that now.

But what do we do with Naomi/the five-over minimum requirement?


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. A worrying glimpse into the King’s TV viewing. I expect he wears his Glee T-shirt with pride too

  2. If I may be serious for a moment:

    In their first game, England hit 191 in 20. That is a difficult chase. Windies got 60 in 6. That is an average chase.

    Think of a 50 over game where one side bats first, bats very well and hits 350. Then, rain shortens play to 15 overs and the team is given 120 to chase. I’ve used similar proportions given in the WI-Eng match. The team batting second suddenly has it much, much easier.

    What’s more, consider the point where Swann got his wicket. It was a wide, and the fact there was an extra benefited the Windies. When you’ve reached a point where wickets are utterly meaningless, there’s clearly a problem.

    England didn’t bowl well. But they batted superbly and it was almost completely ignored by the system.

    The Ireland game was washed out, thankfully. England would probably have won, but I don’t want to see another 6-over cock up.

  3. I’m struggling to move on from the question – “But what do we do with Naomi?”

  4. This post is clearly the result of the hours KC spent trying to understand the writing on the blackboard in the last post.

    It’s true – physics has KC in its powerful grips.

  5. We have the enigmatic and potentially dangerous boyfriend of the five-over minimum re-kindle his feelings for the quirky brunette with the black brother and the parents with the marital issues, whilst at the same time re-engaging with his ex-jailbird father who may or may not have ulterior motives for renewing their relationship, and stealing tens of thousands of dollars worth of valuable coins from his manipulative billionaire stepfather in order to facilitate the opening of a fledgling business by said ex-jailbird father who may or may not have ulterior motives for renewing their relationship.

    Concurrently, we re-introduce the previously departed evil sister of the five-over minimum who declares that the five-over minimum can call her “payback”, because “payback is a bitch”. This occurs one minute after the five over minimum has just ordered five brain boosting smoothies from the bar which the previously departed evil sister has just taken over on her return to Beverly Hills, and four minutes before the five-over minimum is due to take her SATs which are like, SO important for college.

    This may sound sarcastic and sensationalist but I can assure you it is completely in accordance with current 90210 storylines.

  6. Totally agree….I don’t think that any less than 20 overs each should constitute a game, assuming that the idea is that the best team wins!

  7. Pat is right – does D/L even consider docking the second team some wickets?

    It’s the day after the 20/20 final…

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