Durham cricket tickets

This is Durham’s ticket website.

As far as the 2019 Cricket World Cup goes, tickets sold incredibly quickly. The ICC will be launching an official resale site, but in the meantime you can buy tickets here.

Emirates Durham International Cricket Ground, Chester-le-Street

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the name of this ground. Formerly known as the Riverside Ground, it is now offically named the Emirates Durham Internatoinal Cricket Ground or Emirates Durham ICG. To make matters worse, many people refer to it simply as ‘Chester-le-Street’ in a doomed bid for clarity. Whatever the name, there’s only one international cricket venue in the North-East, so you can’t go wrong.

The ground hosted international matches for the first time during the 1999 World Cup and then gained Test status in 2003. The first Test was between England and Zimbabwe and it has since played host to Bangladesh and the West Indies twice. The 2013 Ashes Test against Australia will be by far its biggest fixture.


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