Freddie Trueman Yorkshire Ale from Copper Dragon

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Copper Dragon have made a beer in honour of the great Yorkshire and England fast bowler and shite Test Match Special commentator, Freddie Trueman.

Dickie Bird has fallen on hard times

Having had a pint on Saturday night, we’re sorry to tell you that not all pints of Freddie Trueman are pulled by Dickie Bird, which is a bit of a disappointment.

On the plus side, it was the best beer we had all night – and we sampled somewhere between ‘several’ and ‘many’. If we had to give tasting notes, we would describe it as ‘very nice’.

We imagine it is just the kind of isotonic drink Freddie would have partaken of back in the day in order to replenish his electrolytes.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. this looks lovely.

    beers named after people is the way forward.

    there is a wetherspoons in chelmsford that once served an ale with margaret thatcher’s face on it. it was called ‘the iron lady’.

  2. Indeed Ceci. Dickie has styled himself upon his football hero, Morten Gamst Pedersen.

    Do we think that is one of those new 3/4 pint glasses? If not, the Dickster has got some awfully big paws.

  3. It’s proper beer, it is. Not like these bloody lagers these lads have these days. They think that five pints is hard work, but in my day you did thirteen pints on’t trot – up’ill – before lunch – wi’ great big leather boots on, not these bloody slippers these lads have these days – up’ill – before lunch. I don’t understand ’em, these lads these days, no. No backbone, these lads these days.

  4. Old Dickie looks like he has had a few

    I would hate to think what commemorative beers for some of our current crop would be

  5. A brewery in Manchester does a beer called ‘Ginger Marble’.

    That is, basically, Ian Ronald Bell Pale Ale.

    It’s… distinctive…

  6. Thanks, Ged. Real, genuine, sincere thanks. I had completely forgotten Indoor League. What a programme. True genius on the part of the programme makers. They must have thought –

    Why do people (i.e. men) go to the pub?
    To get away from their miserable existence at home, of course.
    What if the wife has yelled at them so much that they’ve decided to stay in for the night, just to shut her up, stupid cow?
    They’ll be forced to listen to her banging on and on about the kids being in hospital, or how her mother has died, or how the chip pan exploded last week and set fire to her legs.
    What can we do to help these unfortunate men.
    I know, let’s bring the pub into their living rooms.

    The genius of it.

  7. I never knew that Ian Bell had a mini-me – as seen in the ECB photo. That’s who must have said –

    leave that one, Belly, it’s going to miss by mi….

  8. I live by and sometimes in The Marble and Ginger Marble is way too spicy and distinctive to be the Ian Ronald Bell MBE of beer. I was thinking more of something that pours really well, looks great but then goes flat after the first few sips and which you don’t order for a while until a few months later when your regular is off and you think “Hmm, maybe it was just a bad pint last time” and the whole thing starts again.

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