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Sing, Harbhajan Singh - sing it loud, sing it clear and sing it strong

Cricinfo have done a ‘how will history judge him?’ kind of article in the wake of Harbhajan Singh’s 400th Test wicket. Seems weird. He’s still playing, right?

Harbhajan is now 31. He’s hardly shopping for his last pair of slippers. Graeme Swann had played about a dozen Tests by that age.

Maybe Harbhajan should have eased back a bit in the early days. He had two blinding years about a decade ago and everyone thought that was the norm. Set the bar low, Harbhajan. Give yourself room for manoeuvre. Trust someone who’s a past master at pacing himself.

Anyway, 400 wickets? There’s plenty more to come. He’s getting cannier even if he isn’t getting more dynamic and he’s always had that dickish streak that’s such a vital component of so many of the best bowlers.

To Harbhajan! [Raises empty glass and decides that, on balance, there probably isn’t time for another one. But no matter, the glass is raised all the same. But it doesn’t feel the same. It feels false. Turns out it does matter. Another one? No, too late. Bit of a limp toast then. Sorry about that Bhajji. Hope you understand. It’s not a reflection on you, it’s just a whole beer, just for one toast? You know. Seems a bit much. We are on our own at the minute. And it’s not like you read this website anyway. Why don’t you read this website, by the way? Is there some problem with it? Yeah? What kind of problem? Okay. Outside. Let’s settle this once and for all.]


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  1. Harbajhan could amass 4,000 test wickkets & his greatest achievement would still be slapping Sreesanth in the chops.

  2. On your own for the evening, eh? The wife gone out, has she? I know how it is – my the wife regularly goes out, leaving me in with nothing but the entire house collection of alcohol and my “specialist” DVDs (2005, 2009, 2010/11). It’s tough getting through some evenings, you know, but it is much easier when she’s out.

  3. Harbhajan could take 10000 wickets but his career will be tainted by his inability to irritate Ponting or Hayden enough to get them commit an indiscretion that will get them banned. Although it would take a murder on the field for ICC match referees to ban Ricky Ponting. For Stuart Broad, probably only serial killing of opposition batsmen will get a one match ban.

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