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Sorry the website was knackered. We’re sure you all missed us enormously. Web hosts being web hosts, we’ve no clear idea what actually happened, but it seemed like actual damage and not just someone flicking the wrong switch.

At least there were backups. This contrasts with our old job where a guy who sometimes wore a bright orange T-shirt like Raoul Moat hadn’t bothered checking whether the backup process was actually working properly. It wasn’t.

First, some actual cricket

Bangladesh have reached the final of the Asia Cup. To get there, they beat Pakistan who must surely be starting to question their policy of playing only one or possibly two competent batsmen. They also beat Sri Lanka, about whom Angelo Mathews said: “It will take a little time for the younger guys to start performing. We have to be patient, but this is not the right time to be patient.”

Good for Bangladesh though. They’ll lose the final to India, obviously, but losing a final to India is progress for Bangladesh who are much more used to losing to them in the group stages – something they’ve already ticked off this week.

Now the bad news

Martin Crowe’s died. We’re old enough to have seen him bat, but being as we were about 16, there’s little point airing our views and analysis – this isn’t Radio 1 after all.

All we will say is that had he played for another country, Crowe would have played more Tests, scored more runs and possibly off the back of that become an even better batsmen. Even if he’d merely maintained the same standard, he would be spoken about more today. Perhaps as Kane Williamson starts to break records he’ll be spoken of more.

In a decade from 1985 to the end of his career, Crowe averaged 50.96. This in an era when few hit such heights and while playing half his cricket in a country that often favours the bowlers. That this translates to just 4,842 runs in 61 matches was not his fault.

For more on the man, read Gideon Haigh – “as understated and soaringly magnificent as a Doric column.” Haigh also makes a point of highlighting who Crowe was up against during his career. You can be damn certain that the opposition’s best bowlers were reserved for him as well.


We’ve just been trawling while writing our regular Twitter round-up for Cricinfo. You know what? We actually learned something this week – something useful. We believe this is the first reported instance of Twitter providing such a thing. You can find out what it was tomorrow.

Cricket Badger comes out tomorrow as well. It’s quite a short one this week, but better that than when it becomes overlong and cumbersome. You can sign up to receive it here.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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    1. DJ Greg James is mates with Graeme Swann and James Anderson, so maybe, in passing. Not really what we were saying, but thought we’d answer anyway.

  1. Sad about Crowe … He was the main reason I hoped NZ would win the World Cup final.

    There is an excellent – surreal, funny and a bit sad – video of him accidentally gatecrashing one of the Zaltzhair’s glove puppet sketches for his cricinfo show.

      1. The comments section gets a bad reputation on some sites, but this is just another example of how good it can be. Two great additions to this page. Thanks.

  2. My theory was that you’d run off with all the money, KC.

    There was only one flaw with my theory, but I think perhaps a significant one…

      1. Welcome back indeed. It’s great to have a back also, life would definitely be more difficult without one.

        This time I think there were only 404 errors rather than the 600 experienced in previous down days – an improvement of almost a third! Well done to all concerned!

  3. I’m currently being informed on Facebook that Pret a Manger, the “fast-casual chain”, has something something don’t care didn’t read the rest.

    “Fast-casual”? I’m imagining a French-born bowler gliding in like a yacht, barely seeming to pause at the crease, and out of nowhere a 90mph full toss smashes leg stump out of the ground. Then he shrugs in celebration.

  4. If it makes you feel any better, PM on Radio 4 was more knackered than your website today.

    I mean seriously knackered.

    The continuity guy said, “…and now it’s time for PM” and Radio 4 went silent for about 10-15 seconds. I thought the Queen must have died or summat.

    It recovered after about two excruciatingly embarrassing minutes, but then, for the next 15-20 minutes, it was a horrorshow of everything that could go wrong going wrong.

    It was a mercy (from my point of view) that I needed to get out of the car at about 17:20 , but for all I know Radio 4’s PM might well have continued to be like a failed state’s sole radio station for the rest of the programme.

    KC off line for a while? A mere bagatelle.

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