India v Pakistan – five things to make subheadings out of

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Everyone likes a listicle – and how’s that headline for clickbait? Pretty brazen, eh? They’ll be flocking here from Twitter when they see that auto-tweeted at some point in the next hour.

Pakistan still can’t bat

Teams do get bowled out in Twenty20. It’s not unheard of. They usually manage a run a ball in the process though. Pakistan’s batsmen left their opposite numbers in the India team needing to score at barely four an over to secure the win.

Pakistan can still bowl

By any stretch, Rohit Sharma is in form. Before this match he was averaging 40 in Twenty20 internationals and 110 in one-day internationals in 2016.

First ball, Mohammad Amir bowled him an inswinger. It smacked him on the pad and he should have been out. Concluding that he’d basically done everything right, Amir offered pretty much the same thing again second ball and this time got the decision.

A few balls later, he did the same again to Ajinkya Rahane. Batsmen know what’s coming. They just can’t do anything.

Yuvraj Singh saw India home while trying to bat himself out of the team

Apparently it’s possible to get the job done while simultaneously giving the impression that there is no chance you’ll manage to do so. Yuvraj Singh was not out at the end of the match, but scored just 14 runs after batting for over an hour in a Twenty20 match.

Pakistan need to experiment more with first names

Yes, we know Muhammad’s an important sort of fella, but to field a pace attack almost entirely comprised of Mohammads is too much. Amir, Samir and Irfan were only slightly diluted by Wahab Riaz.

Wahab. There’s a name you can set your watch by.

Bumrah was playing

Always worth a mention.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. In the current absence of the expected flood from Twitter we could boldly go to discuss the use excellent use of pronouns at the end of a sentence. One in the titlical and at least 2 more is the listicle. Am i stuck in the 18th century?

  2. I suppose those ludicrous five or ten question quizzes that supposedly determine whether we could be members of mensa, Oxbridge historians or rocket scientists must be…


  3. All these Amir jokes are overstepping the mark IMO. Yes he’s been a bad boy in the past but these days he knows where the line is and he will not cross it.

    1. Oh, so it was a technical problem. I hadn’t considered that. Naturally, I assumed that the website wasn’t working because everyone had gone on holiday to Torremolinos without me and were all having a great time largely based around being mean. That or angry aliens.

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