India v Pakistan in Mohali, Wednesday March 30th

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India v Pakistan - let's keep it all about cricket, eh?

Make a note. This could barely be a bigger deal even if it had a tumour in its pituitary gland.

It’s India v Pakistan. It’s Shahid Afridi v MS Dhoni.

It’s Pakistan’s lethal bowling attack against India’s jaw-dropping batting line-up.

It’s India’s two-and-a-half frontline bowlers against Pakistan’s two-and-a-half competent batsmen.

It’s utterly different teams who are somehow inexplicably well-matched.

One things’s for certain: Sachin Tendulkar doesn’t need a fifth chance to make the opposition pay. Surely Kamran Akmal can grasp that concept even allowing for his quite staggeringly woeful grasping ability.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. India took 46 overs to chase down Ireland’s 206. Their last seven wickets folded meekly against SA. They scored 268 vs WI. They had a tough time chasing 260 yesterday. A good batting line-up it certainly is, but statements of “awesome batting line-up” should be qualified with “if Sehwag clicks”.

    1. The awesome part is, unlike other other cricket teams, only India could have afforded to do that. Despite the lousy start against ireland we won, despite the collapse against south africa, the match was not won until the last over. The pitch in Chennai was a different beast. (171 england vs 165 saf, 243 england vs 225 saf.)

      Or may be KC was referring to the fact that up to now in the tournament four of the Indian top five have Six centuries and ten (could be more) half centuries. 0.8 centuries and 1.6 half centuries per match.

  2. There you go with your statistics when Deep Cower was making an emotional argument with what he felt in his gut.

  3. Both those opinions are based on what’s happened in the World Cup.

    Sachin Tendulkar had built up a pretty good reputation before this tournament had started, if you remember.

    The fact is that if it were those two openers and then nine Mullallys it would still be a pretty awesome batting line-up.

    1. True, they are, but what happened day before yesterday weighs more in the minds of batsmen than what happened two months ago.

      He is a pretty handy bat, yes.


    2. My memories of Mullally’s batting are EXCLUSIVELY of him hitting Wasim Akram over deep fine leg for 6. On this basis, I agree with you.

  4. “It’s India’s two-and-a-half frontline bowlers against Pakistan’s two-and-a-half competent batsmen.”

    Damn you, KC. You made me snort my tea out of my nose.

  5. Its amazing where a King cricket article will lead you… I have just finished reading an article about Charles Byrne, and Irish Giant of the 18th Century, and the problems of giganticism. or something. not spelt correctly probably.

    Moving on now to giants of the past…

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