India beat Australia in the World Cup and everyone is happy

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Ricky Ponting is still not shit at batting

India are through to a World Cup semi-final. Australia are out. Ricky Ponting’s proved his class with a hundred. Everyone’s happy.

There are no losers in this situation. None whatsoever. No-one who matters is in any way disappointed with the events of today. It is one of those rare moments where we can all join together and celebrate.

It is a win-win-win outcome. Well played India. Well played Ricky Ponting. What a great result for humanity.

Not to labour the point, but no-one is at all unhappy with this result.



Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Michael Yardy is not happy. But that’s only because he int as good at creekit as me.

  2. I’ll bet supporters of every other country are happy Ponting has managed to score a century because the little grub will hang around for another 12-18 months driving us lower in the test and one day rankings.
    As an Australian who loves my team the best possible result would be Australia to lose, Ponting to fail so we could sack him, the selectors and most of our top order to start the painful rebuild.
    Who the hell knows what will happen now. Hopefully the board will step in and have the courage to make that decision anyway.

    1. The condition sounds awfully like the Indian cricket team for the late nineties.

      To be honest, his batting was almost beautiful without that ugly shot of his. (Yes, I mean his hook / pull).

  3. Yes. No one who matters is unhappy. Except maybe UncleJ. But then Natalie’s won an Oscar. So maybe he’s happt too.

  4. I was totally gripped with this match.

    Sat in a gym working on dodgy cricket worn knees counting down the runs required form balls to be bowled.

    Loved it that Raina who the Aussies reckoned they could bounce out with their testosterone filled short stuff well and truly stuffed them. His pull off Lee and then his collosal 6 over mid wicket were superb shots.

    Gambhir lost the plot. What had they put into his samosas at the break?

    Yuvraj is a real star. Love his driving.

    Also love all thses HUGE grounds with a range of eclelctic designs, all filled with cricket mad fans. Marvellous stuff.

  5. Bwah, ha, ha, ha! Glad to see you snotty Poms whipped by 10 wickets last night.

    Serves you right for being up yourselves in this post.

  6. Of course no ONE was unhappy. And unhappy is so … tame a word. I was downright depressed.

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