Nathan Lyon transforms into Australia’s Steve O’Keefe

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Or at least it could be seen that way if Australia didn’t already have a Steve O’Keefe. Nathan Lyon still bowled like one though.

You know that classic Steve O’Keefe thing; the one where you go to India and spin them out for under 200? Lyon did that. You know this already because you pay attention to these things.

India seem like a team in need of a change. It feels like they’ve been playing home Test matches on an almost weekly basis since about October.

They’re usually good at it, but in an effort to mix things up a bit, they’ve now decided to be bad it. Perhaps it’s the only way they can quench their thirst for change.

Bit embarrassing though. Australia are to all intents and purposes one good innings away from securing the series. Australia!



Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. India have been out-harbhajan-ed by Lyon & out-Kumble-d by O’Keefe.

    Kohli – co are taking all this setbacks on the chin & will comeback hard by showing a full & positive intent, or so we hope…

  2. It feels surreal to be laughing at the Indian batsmen facing spin, rather than the Aussies.

    1. Apologies, Murg. That comment slipped by us and we only just saw it to approve it. You should be good to go now though. Only your first comment needs to be checked and after that we give people free rein.

  3. What is the transformation word/phrase for Nathan Lyon transforming into Steve O’Keefe?

    My suggestion: “By the rotational power of Mercury!” But what do I know.

    For those who haven’t read about my recent transformations, my Ged to Kung Fu Pandaman phrase is “wham bam, thank you ma’m”. My Kung Fu Pandaman to Tai Chi Pyjamaman phrase is “Z/Yenshin”.

    1. Ged, maybe you are a secret ninja in disguise & the pockets of the pajama, had the details of your next secret mission?

    2. When did the Ged transformation to distraction spambot occur? Was the transformatory phrase something extremely private uttered by one of those Russian girls?

  4. There are suggestions Australia could prepare five rank turners for the Ashes next winter.


  5. Hopeless. Utterly hopeless.

    40+ overs between them and just one wicket so far in the second innings of a test match in India.

    Lyon & O’Keefe have transformed back into no hopers. “by the frigid barely-rotating non-planet of Pluto”.

    Five raging bunsens in Oz for our Root-led squad of batting stats to play with against that pair of part-time spinners. Bring it on.

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