Did India give Australia a 1.4 Test head start?

It would seem a bit much to give the opposition a 1.4 Test head start in a three Test series. The finish line could be crossed with little more than a trip and a fall.

Apparently this is a four Test series though, so perhaps India aren’t quite as devil-may-care as we assumed they were when we first embarked on this article.

The home team allowed Australia the first Test and the majority of the first half of the second. Now they’ve tied their shoelaces and are lumbering into action.

As the rest of the series plays out, it’ll be interesting to see whether the gift of such a sizeable head start turns out to be complacent foolhardiness or entirely justified contempt.

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  1. It is a four match series, O King. So it is probably a bit less than a bit much. Though a bit more than not much.

    • King Cricket

      March 6, 2017 at 4:29 pm

      It is?

      Now, to be clear, this article is what is known as “inaccurate news” not “fake news.”

      We didn’t set out to deceive our readers – we’re just incompetent.


      • You’re also going to have to correct “Australia are to all intents and purposes one good innings away from securing the series. Australia!” from the previous post. Re-writing history, and all the references to the alt-facts, is spiralling out of control. You could also insert some prescient-sounding commentary about how things panned out. This will make for a very confusing set of articles for readers in the future.

      • King Cricket

        March 7, 2017 at 4:43 pm

        We reckon a draw would still constitute security from an Aussie perspective. We’ll leave it as is.

  2. In my capacity as “distraction spambot”, as Mike so kindly put it…

    …or “serendipity feature” as I prefer to describe it…

    …I returned to the All Saints Road with Dumbo today to collect some more baritone ukulele strings (DGBE) and was reminded of Dumbo’s classic report:


    I am delighted to inform readers that there was no police intimidation for us today.

  3. I see that normal service has been resumed in the Indian subcontinent, thank goodness.

    Quite discombobulating it was, for a while.

  4. …and relax.

    Hey, that was a weird time. Do you remember it, that time when we all thought Australia were better than India at playing spin? Strange days.

  5. Entirely justified contempt.

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