Slazenger cricket bats

Here’s a short rundown of the various Slazenger cricket bats and who uses each of them.

Slazenger Pure Blade

The Slazenger Pure is used by Jacques Kallis of South Africa and England’s Ian Bell, two of the more technically correct batsmen in world cricket. The Wisden Cricketer said about the Pure Blade Ultimate that you sometimes get ‘undeserved value’ for your shots. It’s a powerful bat with huge edges, but is well-balanced.

Power Blade Elite

The Slazenger Power Blade Elite has a higher sweet spot than the Pure Blade. As with the Pure Blade though, it has large edges and phenomenal power.

Slazenger V389

There are a range of V389 bats endorsed by Australia’s Michael Clarke. He uses the V389 Pro. Other bats in the V389 range – Select, Master Blaster, Panther and Raw Power – are of similar design but made of different grades of willow.


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