The second Test is progressing pretty much as you’d imagine, so this is what we’re passing off as insight today: India’s new off-spinner Jayant Yadav seems a decent sort.

We’re basing this exclusively on one interview with Sky Sports’ Ian Ward. This may be misleading because Ward’s genial curiosity does seem to get the best out of people. But even so, Yadav seemed cheery and thoughtful, which is never a bad combination in an interviewee.

He gave considered, informative answers which were underpinned by the kind of slightly giddy, faintly intoxicated demeanour which Ward himself always seems to project. We won’t go into specifics. He just had a likeable air about him and that is pretty much the full extent of the point we’ve seen fit to put forward today.

Yadav’s cricket seems half-decent too. He got a few runs, took a wicket and secured the run-out of Haseeb Hameed with the kind of turn and throw that England could have done with producing at some point during their 129.3 overs of first innings toil in the field.

This article may feel worthless and irrelevant right now, but it’s worth noting that this is just the kind of flimsy basis on which most of our cricketing obsessions are born. In years to come, you may be able say that you were here when we first started boring people with this particular hobby horse.

Okay, obviously he’s not going to be another Rob Key, but he could become a Mominul Haque or Neil Wagner kind of figure. To a great extent it’ll depend on how much he gets to play. There’s a chance he could just be the next Burt Cockley.