Technically we haven’t seen Phil Hughes’ latest dismissal

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'Maybe if I defend with an even more angled bat'

But only technically.

“I’d love him to be in the team,” said Ross Taylor before the second Test.

“I think his technique has improved out of sight,” said Michael Clarke.

“If Hughes plays in Tasmania then obviously Chris Martin will be bowling at him and hopefully Martin Guptill takes a third catch too,” said Ross Taylor.

Australia v New Zealand, second Test: PJ Hughes c Guptill b Martin 4.

Cricinfo’s ball-by-ball coverage says he tried to defend with an angled bat. We assume.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Phil Hughes problems are mainly mental. They go back to the 3rd test in the 2009 Ashes where he was dropped because Mitchell Johnson was bowling badly and the selectors wanted Watson in the team to cover.
    That or it was some sort of bizarre collective punishment.

    1. Also, his batting could be described as mental flailing. Like one of those tools who take air guitar seriously.

    2. Will be interesting to see how he goes in the 4th innings. My guess is it will be c Guptil b Martin.

    1. As in ‘returned’. He hasn’t got ankylosing spondylitis or anything.

      There. That’s saved us having to write a second post for today.

  2. “I think his technique has improved out of sight,” What does that even mean? He is now able to bat blind-folded?

    1. It means that Hughes has improved when he is out of sight. So all he needs to succeed is for everyone in the crowd to look away when he’s on strike.

  3. I agree. It means that if no one has noticed that Hughes is batting then he is likely to score a bit. But opposition bowlers are likely to notice this sort of thing these days what with all the wonders of modern technology and the analysts in their ears.

  4. Michael Clarke talks shit. He really does and pretty much continually. Luckily, his captaincy is better than the hairy hobbit’s so he’s forgiven.

    As is Hughes as it’s beyond funny watching him give slips practise game in, game out.

    1. it makes me feel warm inside when someone uses the correct spelling of practice/practise.


    2. We were talking about this to our mate at work the other day. We started the conversation by saying: “Practice/practise, right?”

      We were amazed that he didn’t know that we were saying the two different spellings. It was pretty annoying, actually.

      Also, isn’t that the wrong spelling above? It’s a noun. We don’t really care, we just hate anyone feeling warm inside for any reason other than fury.

    3. KC, I think you’re right.

      The noun is “practice”, the verb is “to practise.”

      Now I feel all cold and empty inside.


    4. Weill it can be both there, can’t it?

      I can never remember which one to use and throw the two forms around indiscriminately. I hit occasionally.

  5. Poor Hughes. When the opposition captain says he wants you in the team, you gotta feel like shit. Nobody even said that about Mitch.

    1. Bert has said that about Mitch many times.

      Which no doubt made Mitch feel sick – more sick even than he would feel had Strauss said the same thing.

      That is assuming that Mitch reads this site, in particular the words and wisdom of Bert. That feels like a pretty safe assumption to me.

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