Tim Paine, Australia’s wicketkeeper

You are entering a world of PaineName of a professional wrestler.

Face of a junior tennis player from the Home Counties.

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11 Appeals

  1. He’s only a vowel away from Tom Paine, who is, OF COURSE, this cat:


  2. Excellent, Miriam. All pubs could be improved with the simple addition of a cat.

  3. There’s very little that isn’t improved by the addition of a cat.

  4. A plane crash.

  5. Chicken Vindaloo?

  6. A Dog Show?

  7. A Matthew Hayden?

  8. A person with a cat allergy?

  9. At my friend’s local, the landlord and lady moved away and took their cat with them. Two weeks later the cat moved back in. After several weeks of fetching the cat back from the pub, its owners finally accepted the reality of the situation.

  10. When I moved to my current place a year ago, I did not realise it came with under-the-house cats.

    And worse. Ceiling-cats. You may have seen the LOL-cats “Ceiling Cat is watching you masturbate”? Well, I honestly have ceiling-cats staring through my vents.

  11. His dual nature fights within his name.

    Timothy, dinner-time!

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