The Lord’s Test – it’s the social event of the season

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Lord's Cricket Ground - home of real tennis

We went to Lord’s once. It was fairly normal until we went round the far side of the ground and heard a guy talking about real tennis.

Lord’s has a real tennis court.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


  1. Ah, Real Tennis – so called to distinguish it from Oiky Tennis, played in socially deprived inner city areas such as Wimbledon and Eastbourne.

    You’ve got to like it, though. The ball can bounce off the walls, but unlike in plebian sports, the walls are all different. One has some windows in it with a sloping roof. One is sort-of flat but has a couple of niches cut into it and a brick or two sticking out. In fact, the rules that establish the court shape are very similar to the laws establishing when a batsman can be out lbw in cricket, with the obvious difference that the Real Tennis rules have some conceivable point.

  2. By the way, why does this article link to all the Lord Megachief of Gold articles? Is the next Lord Megachief of Gold going to be a Real Tennis player? I think we should be told. Some of us were mighty upset when it was awarded to a different cricketer. I’m not sure we’re ready for it going to a different sport altogether.

  3. This website isn’t sophisticated enough to differentiate between Lords and Lord’s.

    Pretty shameful really.

  4. Brilliant sport. Barking mad, but very addictive to play. And not elitist at all. Why they even have real tennis courts in such plebeian places as Newcastle, Essex and Radley School.

  5. He’s scaled the paywall and got out!

    Zig-zag to evade the snipers, Paddy. We’ll find you a safehouse.

  6. Thanks King. Will try to survive in this strange unpaid-for website world. I’ve seen the future and it means no readers.

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