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What more can you say?

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16 Appeals

  1. Nothing’s getting past him.

  2. Magnificent. I can only aspire to being half the man he is.

  3. Yes, indeed!

  4. tut tut….

  5. Is he standing up to Shaun Tait?

  6. And he is still twice the keeper that Kamran Akmal is

  7. For whatever reason I was thinking about Mark Cosgrove today.

  8. My God! Look at the size of his box!

  9. That’s not a box, The Smudge, that’s a medieval knight’s breast plate stolen from the Tower of London.

  10. A promising career as a human sightscreen beckons if the keeping thing never kicks on.

  11. You could say he’s the definitive all’round’er. :-s

  12. King Cricket

    August 26, 2010 at 12:34 pm

    Hope you were leaving a pregnant pause in that to better emphasise the joke, perhaps accompanied by an arch of the eyebrow.

  13. Hmm, a pregnant pause can become an awkward silence so easily…

  14. what about the punctuation in allrounder?

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