Winding up England

No, not like that. There’s been enough of that. We’re talking about liquidation. The England cricket team isn’t currently making the repayments owed to its supporters, so rather than making the effort to come up with solutions, why don’t we just bin it?

That’s what we do when something proves awkward for us, isn’t it? We just throw it away in the hope that something better will materialise before us.

That’s a synopsis of our latest piece for Cricinfo. Happy Thursday. Cricket Badger will be back tomorrow, by the way – complete with quiz answers, once we’ve found where we put them and then copied and pasted them in.

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8 Appeals

  1. Don’t worry; it’ll all be fine. Prior’s found the nail and hit it square: we were wearing the wrong kit.

  2. Nice piece. I especially like the first paragraph.

    But anyway, the Day of Judgement is now upon us, or upon me at least. A phone call this morning from Australia, accompanied by a simultaneous email link for a wine shop in Melbourne. 12 bottles of red wine for the series result, plus a bonus bottle for losing 5-0.

    Overall, the score is still 48 – 38 in my favour. We’ve got till June 2015 to turn things round to avoid falling behind.

  3. Can i suggest becoming a NZ supporter instead? Good core of talented players, including some young blokes with real talent. A chubby bloke that likes a drink & can smash it round; two good swing bowlers, an angry saffa and a young leggie. Overall; a team on an upward trajectory, but that still has the occasional brilliant implosion.

  4. We’ll waive the white wine/sheep/rugby requirements just for you. Only test will involve correctly pronouncing Whakapapa without smirking.

    • King Cricket

      January 10, 2014 at 8:05 am

      Is the ‘wh’ aspirated?

      And we’re not switching unless we get the rugby team as well. New Zealand cricket and England rugby probably isn’t the best selection of the teams on offer here.

    • Very cunning, JonJ.

      Feigned hospitality followed by a fiendish shibboleth to ensure our exclusion. Indeed, one worthy of Leveson-Gower or Pelham Warner.

      Please note from the above piece that some of us are very happy drinking Kiwi white wine.

      Also, KC, for the record, New Zealand has been producing some decent reds in recent years. The problem with all Kiwi wine in the UK at the moment is the price, mainly because our currency (like our cricket team) is f*cked, whereas the kiwi (NZ dollar) isn’t.

    • KC, the WH has a strange pronunciation in Maori, and in many other Polynesian languages. I was surprised at Los Angeles airport once when a check-in clerk correctly pronounced Whakatane, which he explained as being due to his Hawaiian heritage.

      Maori is unique in pronouncing “APAPA” as “OFF-AUSTRALIANS” though.

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