Yorkshire possibly make some sort of move in the County Championship

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Ian Botham’s rich mahogany armpits! The BATTLE IS ON! It’s all frigging well going off out there in the County Championship.

It’s like if Christmas were made out of narcotics and was ALSO ON FIRE. It’s like dancing with a cobra while wearing a rocket pack that’s ALSO ON FIRE. It’s like racing a phalanx of ancient Athenian hoplites down a ski slope that’s ALSO ON FIRE.

In summary:

  • Nottinghamshire were almost fully rained off
  • Somerset were rained off quite a bit and managed to take two wickets
  • Yorkshire made some sort of a move, but it’s hard to know what kind of a move because while they did play some cricket, they didn’t do all that well, falling to 205-7

It… is… ON!


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


  1. Dear Mental Anguish Helpline,

    One of my best friends is a Nottinghamshire member, whereas I’ve just had some turf laid in my back garden, about five miles from Old Trafford.

    What should I wish for?

    Actually, scrap that last question. Should I email my friend every half hour telling him it’s still raining, that I’m absolutely bloody delighted about that, and signing off with a long series of hahahahahas, smiley faces, “up yours, loser”, etc.?

    Yours in crisis,

  2. Apparently when he achieved the feat at the beginning of the season he was the first man with a double barrelled name to take a five fer fer Yorkshire. The most fascinating piece of trivia since someone told me nobody called Luke has ever played test cricket for England.

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