Yorkshire’s County Championship summed up in one line

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Not one of ours, unfortunately. It’s by Cricinfo’s David Hopps – a Yorkshireman hisself.

“Their first Championship win for 13 years is a lesson to English cricket, based as it is on a strong commitment to player development – among all ethnic groups, and extending beyond the privileged classes.”

Which is precisely why, even as a Lancashire supporter, we see it as a win to be celebrated rather than resented.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. No no no. That’s not the sort of thing we want at all. Yorkshire have got it all wrong. Sure it might have been “successful”, but only in the sense of winning things. In all other senses, such as the sense of making sure cricket is only played by the right sort of people with the right sort of families, they’ve been spectacularly UNsuccessful. I discard them.

  2. I know he plays for Sam’s lot now, but any county that produces a player named Hannon-Dalby must to some extent be developing the right sort of people, from the right sort of families, Bert.

    And Adam Lyth is from Whitby – that’s well posh.

    1. They lost Hannon-Dalby, though, which I think only proves Bert’s point. Too many filthy commoners doing well in county cricket these days. Who cares if it withers on the vine? Much better than the wrong sort picking all the vine’s fruit.

    2. And we’re doing shitely, which is also in keeping with the time-honoured upper-class-developed principles of English cricket.

  3. This is getting entirely too hard to follow. Can someone please compile a list for me of which county cricketers come from which sort of family, so I know how to properly rate their performances?

    1. Dan – I’m afraid the very question gives away the fact that you don’t come from the right sort of family.

      When you come from the right sort of family you JUST KNOW who does and who doesn’t.

    2. I should also point out that I haven’t a clue, which says rather a lot about my family.

      I did go to the right sort of school, though, by happy/tragic accident (depending on your point of view). That is not the same thing as coming from the right sort of family…

    3. Ged, I’m American, and of Irish descent at that. There was never any chance of me coming from the right sort of family.

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