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In a recent comment, Bert revealed that he had something of earth-shattering importance to say about Ravi Shastri arising from this week’s Cricket Badger (sign up here). Unfortunately, he didn’t have a place to say it.

Let this be that place.

It also occurred to us that many of you will have something you wish to express regarding the bombastic microphone holster cum BCCI mascot because – somewhat surprisingly – we’ve never actually written about him before.

We’re quite interested to hear what you all think…


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I’m lucky enough to have never heard Ravi Shastri speak, except through the medium of text. Therefore my reaction is vague amusement, as opposed to the soul-crushing RAGE experienced by some.

  2. Youtube appear to be filtering that James Anderson video you linked to, on the off chance that I am Virat Kohli and it would destroy my confidence.

    “This video is unavailable with Safety Mode enabled. To view this video, you will need to disable Safety Mode.”

  3. I am glad this new feature has opened up. I just read this week’s Badger and was looking for a place to vent my frustration.

    “That’s sickens me”? Really? Nothing kills a joke faster and more efficiently. How did this happen? Did you start writing ‘sickens’ immediately after ‘That’ without hitting the space bar? That would explain the ‘s’, but wherefore the apostrophe?

    Hang your head in shame, KC. Do community service. Have a conversation with Rameez Raja. Do something, SOMETHING, to repent.

    PS: That jerk chicken joke was priceless though.

    1. That error has basically ruined our day. We liked that joke and you’re exactly right that you can’t resuscitate a joke and have a second crack at it.

  4. I don’t care about Ravi Shastri.

    Can we have a ‘How the county championship was won’ piece please?

  5. The one type of person who annoys me more than any other is that type who jump on any passing bandwagon, who form ideas with wilful disregard for evidence, who can contradict themselves in the same sentence, and who only speak in an attempt to aggrandise themselves. And Ravi Shastri is that type. There are others (Piers Morgan springs to mind), but Shastri is right up there with the best of them.

    As a cricketer, I didn’t have much of an opinion about him when he was playing. But with hindsight I very much admire him. I think that’s because he didn’t speak publicly so much when he was playing. Contrast that with that other great speaker of our age, Matthew Hayden, who made many of his greatest comments during his playing career. Yes, knowing what we now know about him, it was Shastri’s relative silence that was his greatest skill as a cricketer.

    1. I realize you were not comparing the two, so this is not really a comment on your comment. But there are people in the cricketing world who deserve to be disliked a lot more. Shastri is one of those. Hayden is silly, and at worst, annoying. So too is someone like Rameez Raja. But Shastri is a wilful bastard who is paid by the BCCI to support them no matter what. I intensely dislike Shastri – everything he does is sly, and motivated by money. He is a hypocrite who feigns love for the sport. Unlike someone like Lalit Modi, who made no effort to hide the fact that he was a businessman, and IPL is a great way to make money. I disapprove of Modi, but cannot quite bring to dislike him the way I do Shastri or Srinivasan or Giles Clarke.

      End of pointless rant.

    2. Bert/Deep Cower – why don’t you say what you really think rather than beating about the bush?

      I am trying to work out whether you love or hate Ravi Shastri and his kind.

      Next time try some incisive text – you know the kind – remarks that cut like a tracer bullet – comments that will put the cat well and truly among the pigeons…

  6. Tell you what – he’s been doing a great job recently.

    Oh, I thought you said Shantry for a minute there.

  7. Virat Kohli needs to send this Anushka Sharma?? person back to Catalonia, it’s not really working out. I mean, say what you want about Virat Kohli being THE T20 specialist, Indian fans, but that doesn’t mean that a tortured journey to Troy and back is always an advisable idea.

    Perhaps he should ask Shane Warne for tips on this kind of thing, during the latter half of his career he was quite good at doing that while keeping his batting on a higher level, with scores such as 28, 2, 8, and 42, which is presumably what people are concerned about here.

    – Stoz.

  8. Andy Zaltzman did a funny thing once about Ravi Shastri’s career test scoring and economy rates being so low – the nub, crux or gist of which being that if he ever bowled to himself, test cricket would spontaneously combust with tedium or something. It was really good, especially as he told it properly.

  9. My editorial position on Ravi Shastri is indifference. I don’t watch the IPL, so I have no idea on his commentary, nothing I’ve read suggests I’m missing anything of value. I don’t remember him as a player either, although it appears he was quite good in 1990?

    tl;dr – less memorable than Hirwani and his yellow headband.

  10. I am a big fan of the cricketer spotted feature in Badger and was discussing same with Charley the Gent Malloy only the other day.

    Over the years/decades I have known Charley, he has frequently found himself in “cricketer spotted” situations and I suggested that he submit some to Cricket Badger.

    Funny thing is, this week’s teaser: “Have you seen a cricketer doing something not all that significant? Maybe you’ve seen Carl Hooper tucking into a full English.” I think might be one of Charley’s experiences. I certainly recall Charley mentioning seeing Carl Hooper, I think in an airport hotel.

    Anyway, I’ll alert Charley to this coincidence and it might trigger him to submit an encounter or three.

    Shane Warne in a motorway service station is probably my personal favourite, but I’ll leave it to Charley to tell the tale…

    1. I wish I was with my friend Steven Fleming when he found himself at the urinal next to Stephen Fleming. But I wasn’t.

    2. A long time ago – even before Stephen Fleming was NZ Captain (if there ever was such a time). I believe it was a classic case of two men at each corner of a three man pissoire. One man notices the extraordinary coincidence and considers considers suggesting they compare… drivers licences. Then he bottles it and the opportunity disappears down the drain. Strangely Stephen Fleming omits this incident from his biography.

  11. I watch about two IPL matches a year, one at the start to see if maybe it’s gotten better and another somewhere in the middle because I’m not doing anything else.

    Shastri would be a minor, occasionally amusing annoyance, like Danny Morrison, if he wasn’t a BCCI shill. As it is… Bert and Deep Cower put it best.

    I have more and better thoughts on Morrison if you want to make a post about that.

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