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Following on from yesterday’s post about poor Test match crowds and why it’s mostly a ticket price issue, we thought we’d make a page to try and gauge the cost of a day at the cricket.

If you go to a match this year, try and keep a rough tally and put it in the comments of this post giving the following information.

Ground: Lord’s, Old Trafford, Edgbaston etc
Match type: Test match, international Twenty20, County Championship etc
Travel: Cost per person
Ticket: Cost per person
Food: Anything you spent at the ground
Drink: What you’re willing to admit you spent at the ground
Miscellaneous: Anything else you may have bought during the day
Total: Cost per person


Test match

Travel: £12
Ticket: £10
Food: £0
Drink: £0
Total: £22

County Championship

Travel: £0
Ticket: £0 (member)
Food: £0
Drink: £1.20
Total: £1.20

Old Trafford

Test match

Travel: £6
Ticket: £25 and £10 for child’s ticket
Food: £10
Drink: £0
Misc: £5
Total: £56 (£34 and £22 for child)

County Championship

Travel: £8.40
Ticket: £17
Food: £15
Drink: £20
Total: £60.40

Travel: £0
Ticket: £10
Food: £1.50
Drink: £2.80
Total: £14.30

The Rose Bowl

Domestic Twenty20 (finals day)

Travel: £30 (one car)
Ticket: £55 (£45 child)
Food and drink: £70 (three people)
Total: £81.25 per person

Trent Bridge

Test match

Travel: £40
Ticket: £50
Food: £7
Drink: £25
Total: £122

Domestic Twenty20

Travel: £10
Ticket: £2.70
Food: £3
Drink: £0
Total: £15.70


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Ground : Old Trafford
    Match Type : LVCC
    Travel : £6 train £2.40 tram
    Ticket : £17 (up two quid because we were playing Yarkshire
    Food : Around £15
    Drink : Around £15/20

    Total : £60.40 est.

    That was just the first day ……

    Did see Lyth get a ton though, and applauded him through gritted teeth.

  2. I was at OT Last week, and as a Durham supporter I found it very good value for money!

    Ground : Old Trafford

    Match Type : LVCC

    Travel : Walked from hotel. [I came up from London £22 return and stayed up £80 for 3 nights, tram £4.40 ]

    Ticket : £10 [there is a £5 discount for visiting members – but you have to know about it, as it is not advertised or mentioned at point of ticket sale and you have to ask for the discount, some other Durham members in the ground had brought £15 tickets] The last day was free – we won – Bargain!!!

    Food : Poor choice of ice lollies, chips £1.50, brought other food with me.

    Drink : £1.90 for a Jack Daniels, £2.80 for a large Jameson – celebratory last day booze – the Pavilion stays open and serves drinks for an hour after the match finishes.

    Total : £35.65 average for each of the 4 days.

  3. I’m just about to set off for the big smoke for tomorrow’s play.

    Ground: The Oval
    Match type: Test match, Eng v Pak 4th Day
    Travel: £95 return train ticket from Edinburgh. Oyster nonsense not yet included
    Ticket: £50ish after booking fee
    Food: Going to try and remember to buy sandwiches before we go in. Will probably forget as we’ll be hungover.
    Drink: Not sure yet, but it will be lots.
    Miscellaneous: Who knows? Will lap dances tomorrow evening count?
    Total: Well it’s nearly £150 so far. That could easily double.

  4. Ground: Trent Bridge
    Match type: Test match (Pakistan)
    Travel: £40 return train ticket from Manchester
    Ticket: £50
    Food: £7 or so – sandwiches and stuff from supermarket across the road
    Drink: £25
    Miscellaneous: £1.50 for a copy of the Times that I didn’t want but was being sold by a spiffing young lady with nice legs.
    Total: £123.50


    Ground: Old Trafford
    Match type: Test match (Bangladesh)
    Travel: £6 return tram tickets
    Ticket: £25 for me, £10 for Bert Jr.
    Food: £10 or so – sandwiches and stuff from supermarket near our house
    Drink: £0
    Miscellaneous: £5 for a souvenir match programme for Bert Jr
    Souvenir NPower Urban Cricket Crew bag with foam hand, t-shirt, cool sunglasses and activity book – free
    Total: £56 for a lad and dad to watch a real test match (£34 for me; £22 for Bert Jr)

  5. Ground: Lord’s
    Match type: Test match (Bangladesh)
    Travel: £7ish train to London, £5ish tube to Lord’s
    Ticket: £10 (day 5)
    Food: brought home-made sandwiches, cereal bar and apple
    Drink: none at the ground, about £10 in a pub near Waterloo afterwards
    Miscellaneous: none
    Total: About £30.

  6. Ground: Lord’s
    Match type: CC Midlesex v Leics Day 3
    Travel: £0 (shanks’s pony)
    Ticket: £0 (member)
    Food: brought home-made sandwich and fruit
    Drink: one cup of coffee – £1.20 – give me a break guys, I was on a reading day working……
    Miscellaneous: none
    Total: £1.20

    Not bad value, really, all told.

  7. Ground: Trent Bridge

    Match Type: 20/20 – Notts v Leicestershire

    Travel: Roughly £9.32 petrol

    Ticket: Sort of free kind of. £27 for a student membership. I can see every CC, 20/20 and 40/40 game all season. Seen about 10 days of cricket this summer.

    Food: £3 for a cheeky meal deal at the co-op across the road

    Drink: Driving so just had the drink with the meal deal. Got a couple of free promotional mango Rubicon’s aswell.

    Miscellaneous: Not a penny

    Total: Probably cost about £15 per game

    Tip: Become a student

  8. Ground: The Rose Bowl

    Match type: 20/20 Finals Day

    Travel: About £30 in petrol. We were lucky that we know someone that works at the ground so we blagged free parking, otherwise it would have been another tenner or more I think.

    Ticket: We went as a family – 3 x adults @ £55 and 1 x child @ £45

    Food: Took about £20 worth of snacks with us, spent about another £50 on drinks, chips, coffees and ice cream.

    Miscellaneous: 2 x programmes @ £5 each; 1 x Sky/TMS earpiece @ £10

    Cost per head £81.25 for three games (and the mascot race!).

  9. I’ve just been able to come around to think about Saturday.

    Added onto my previous total was £30 on drink, £5 on food.

    The £30 on drink and the other monies spent on drink outside the ground (to be described at some point this side of Christmas in a match report) means that I can’t be sure of any other expenses I’ve forgotten.

    £180 to watch them lose.

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