Mohammad Yousuf was banned for life and then retired

But he seems okay. It reminds us of the immortal tagline of the entertainingly ludicrous Crank: High Voltage – “He was dead… but he got better.”

You can ban Mohammad Yousuf for life and he can retire, but it doesn’t matter, he’ll still be there scoring runs in a Test match.

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5 Appeals

  1. Might it have something to do with his beard?

  2. Perhaps he was temporarily banned for life and temporarily retired for tax reasons, a bit like Hotblack Desiato in Hitchhikers who spent a year dead for tax reasons.

  3. A colleague at work did a statsguru analysis pre and post beard. His batting has improved no end, but his catching has gone downhill from nearly a catch per match to about one in three.

  4. Is that one of Statsguru’s drop down options? Test batting average; when batting first; all matches at home; with beard.

    If not, it really, really needs to be.

  5. I find it sad that there aren’t more moustaches in test cricket, and in this respect I feel that Yousuf is taking the piss a little bit.

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