Mohammad Yousuf joins the ICL

Mohammad Yousuf licks off his moustacheWell this is a steaming pile of brown stuff. Mohammad Yousuf is probably one of the top Test batsmen in the world and Pakistan have a policy of banning ICL players from the national side.

That said, the way the Pakistan Cricket Board found out is quite amusing. They phoned his house and asked to speak to him. His wife said he was out. The PCB asked where he was. She said he’d just left for India to play in the ICL.

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8 Appeals

  1. I like Mohammad Yousuf’s family – honest and outspoken. I remember his Ma being full of stories when he converted. (From Christianity to Islam, not 50 to 100, though the one conversion seemed to help the other).

    Shame to lose such a damn good player, Pakistan need all the help they can get. Instead they’ve recalled the ever more generously built, Shoaib Akhtar, presumably on the back of his success at Surrey.

  2. I suppose Shoaib ought to be called the Rawalpindi Heavy Goods Train now

  3. Pakistan don’t really need all the help they can get, not when they have the ICC rewriting history and making up results for them for fun.

  4. Nice one Ceci. Maybe the Tesco Express.

  5. I don’t know, I think the more top players that join the ICL, the greater the chance one of the national boards will grow a pair and end the stupidity once and for all; they can’t be enjoying emasculating their own sides like this, can they?

  6. Kirk Pakistan drew that match fair and square. Hair and England and the ICC and Benson and the crowd all cheated them of this result.

  7. Dada, you’re forgetting Inzi and the team behaving like petulant teenagers as one of the reasons. Still, the race card was successfully played and the result illegally overturned, so Pakistan is the real winner here while cricket flushes itself further round the u-bend.

  8. SimonC, $10 says that side wont be New Zealand..

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