Mohammad Yousuf’s “retirement”

If you want to know how to retire from cricket. Look to Pakistan. Look to Mohammad Yousuf, who’s executed a textbook Pakistan cricket retirement.

“This is my retirement. I have retired from international cricket.”

He then added:

“For now, this is it. For now this is my retirement.”

That’s how to do it. That’s how to retire.

Many great players bow out to a chorus of wailing from the fans. No-one likes emotion. Far better to retire in equivocal fashion, leaving the door open for a possible or probable return.

Either Mohammad Yousuf comes back (hurrah!) or one day in a couple of years time, we notice that he hasn’t actually come back, in which case we’ll feel all right about it because we’ve pretty much forgotten about him.

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14 Appeals

  1. I can’t help but think there was something else he was NOT saying, like what it would take to get him out of retirement. I suspect the removal of most of the PCB would be a good start.

    On another note, I have decided to stop commenting on internet blogs as they take to much time that could be spent more productively. This is my retirement. I have retired from commenting on internet blogs.

    For now this is it, this is my retirement.

  2. “for now”, ie. “until younis announces his retirement”.

  3. I guess Mohammad Yousuf is going to need…

    …”more ties!”.

    For now.

  4. Don’t let him near that ‘daughter’ in the advert. She eats ties – that’s why the ‘dad’ has run out.

    Who ate all the ties? She did. Watch out Mohammad.

  5. Drama queen.

  6. what is this more ties nonsense you idiots are blathering about

  7. oh I see.

  8. Strong mint hands.

  9. You need more eyes, e normous

  10. I love the Pakistan team. They don’t operate on the same plane as the rest of the cricketing world.

    Go Yousuf, let’s have more farewells than Dame Nellie Melba.

  11. I blame Ijaz Butt
    I would guess that Yousuf is hoping that his ‘retirement’ will prompt Butt’s retirement either by choice or by the bullet

  12. I’m working way into the wee small hours.

    “I’m a secret lemonade drinker”, as a certain Northamptonshire batsman (R White) might put it.

    But there’s no lemonade available anywhere around these parts and I simply must have some sweet, sickly, fizzy liquid to imbibe.

    I guess I’m going to need… more Tizer.

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