What is The Hayden Way?

Sami has just pointed us towards The Hayden Way.

It’s currently a one page website which we might as well reproduce in its entirety:

Actualising cricketainment growth in the third fiscal quarter

So what does The Hayden Way do?

Actualising shit writing right now

It prides itself on the delivery of unnecessary apostrophes.

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12 Appeals

  1. I bet Hyden came up with that all by himself.

  2. Well done Sam.

    But which is the real Hayden? Is it the arrogant, stupid-chested opening batsman whose average against any halfway decent bowling is 35? Or is it the arrogant, business-suited narcissus who everyone in the company knows has only been given a job because of his height? Or is it the arrogant, saintly saviour who is helping all the world’s children by headbutting them?

    I don’t think this company has defined it’self very well.

  3. I wonder which is worse, being headbutted by Hayden or being nuzzled by him? I’m thinking the latter.

  4. Oh SimonC, I’m with you, I’ll take the nut anyday over that *shudders*

  5. I discovered that Kriss Akabusi is now a motivational speaker. Imagine Hayden doing that.

  6. Kriss Akabusi would at least be funny.

    The only time I’d laugh at Matthew Hayden is if he was executed.

  7. King Cricket

    March 31, 2010 at 12:53 pm

    Probably not worth reading the site today then Suave.

  8. I might send them a letter. I bet they get almost no letters. It’ll be nice for them. Do you think if I include my address they’ll write back? Or do you think that Hayden will turn up at my door and try and deliver some world class service?

    I’d definitely prefer the letter.

  9. They’ve had one letter Tim. From Justin Langer asking for tips on dossier writing.

  10. So… how did you find this site KC? Man love for Hayden manifesting itself in minor online stalking behaviour? Or do you require world class service form a sports, leisure and lifestyle company for your business?

  11. Monster Cable

    April 7, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    God I hate him. And I’m from Queensland…

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