Matthew Hayden attaches a mirror to the back of his bat

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It’s to more closely monitor the ageing process.

Matthew Hayden and his bat

‘Still a few wisps of hair at the front there. Not time to retire yet’.


  1. Mirror, mirror, on the bat…
    …who’s the most stupid Aussie [censored]?

    Well, it’s a valid question!

  2. Has your hatred of Hayden caused you to carelessly split an infinitive in your opening sentence?

  3. Hayden must also be getting very long-sighted, judging by the distance at which he is holding his bat/mirror. They do say the eyes are the first thing to go.

  4. I am torn between being (a) pleasure at The Scientician’s correct use of the possessive apostrophe, and (b) the faintly sick feeling I get on reading that nickname.

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