Life bans for Mohammad Yousuf and Younus Khan?

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Banning Pakistan cricketers for in-fighting? It’s like firing a computer programmer for being interested in Star Wars. Some things just come with the territory.

With Mohammad Yousuf and Younus Khan banned for life, there’s every chance that one of them might not play in the Test series against Australia this summer, which would be disappointing because they’re far and away Pakistan’s best batsmen. The wording is that they ‘should not be part of the national team’ though, which almost implies that they could be – unless it’s a would/will type thing again.

It seems to be a massive overreaction, but the feeling in Pakistan is that it is drawing a line under player indiscipline. It’s basically saying to the players:

“You’re all being complete dicks almost all of the time. You have to stop. This is what acting like a dick gets you, so don’t do it. If everyone’s being a dick all the time, that’s more damaging than losing all our senior players. That’s how serious being a dick is. Okay? Now belt up and play some cricket.”

That’s how we’re reading it anyway.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I am a computer programmer and I haven’t seen a single Star Wars movie or a Star Trek episode.

    Expect the ban to be overturned after the Pakistani batting gets raped a few times.

  2. How about X-Men or Lord of the Rings?

    Have you ever cracked a joke about mithril armour?

  3. Battlestar Gallactica – you must be into that, Chowkster. Actually, everyone should be into that, it’s great. Can this be a blog about Battlestar Gallactica please?

  4. I may have seen X-Men. Haven’t seen Lord of the Rings and frankly, I don’t know what the hell is a mithrii armour.

    I have heard a lot of praise for Battlestar Gallactica so that is going to be my next bittorrent download.

    I feel like I have badly let down my fellow geeks 🙁

    Does really enjoying that Iron Man movie and loving Phantom comic books redeem me in some small way?

  5. That would be good actually, I still don’t understand what the frak happened to Starbuck.

  6. Chowkster, the phrase ‘bittorrent download’ has just confirmed your geekness. You should try Star Wars — I reckon you’ll like it.

    That’s the original three, of course, rather than the new ones, which are about as good as the Pakistani batting order will be in their next series.

  7. Sasha, i worked it out this weekend. It was frakking obvious.

    She was the son of god(s), was resurrected then ascended. Just like that other son of god in the bible. So it was all a bit shit, really.

    Yes. I can slowly turn this into a blog about Battlestar Gallactica.

  8. D Charlton: For me, BSG was the best thing that had happened to TV and to SciFi … until Season 3 came along.

    Anyone following Caprica much?

    Don’t matter if you don’t either bcoz … “PCB knows drama” is all you need to know. Or is it dark comedy?

  9. i reckons pakistan cricket is trying to eat itself from the inside.

    did you guys hear that bob woolmer died?

  10. I once called a guy “Dildo Baggins” (this was when I was younger… and shut up anyway, it’s still funny). that’s about it.

  11. Less trying to eat itself from the inside and more trying to eat its own head. Same result but with more incompetance.

    I only watched the first couple of seasons of BSG, Buffy on the otherhand…

  12. I for one don’t believe chowkster.

    How can anyone not have seen Star Wars or Star Trek, let alone a computer programmer?

    He’s a lying to make friends.

  13. Dandy Dan, how would lying about not having seen Star Wars ever make you friends on an INTERNET CRICKET FORUM?

    And how the hell can Starbuck be the SON of God? Unless they got rid of her and brought the proper old school Starbuck back, of course.

    I lost patience with Galactica early on in the third season.

  14. I have never seen Star Wars, as the Radio 4 adage has it.

    I did see Return of the Geddy [sic] when it first came out, as I found myself with a Star wars obsessed girlfriend at the time. She was not a geek. In fact she was at college studying Art and Design.

    Just thought I ought to share…………………….

  15. Someone on this forum once had a girlfriend?
    Ohhh… what was that like? I bet it was nice.

  16. Let’s restore some sanity to this. It is a cricket blog. Which cricketers, alive or dead, would you compare to your favourite Star Wars Characters?

    Ian Botham to Han Solo? Ia Bell to Princess Leia. I suspect that Modi is in fact a Sith Lord plotting to turn the whole galaxy to the dark side.

  17. You’re bound to get the first Jabba the Hut joke before midday UK time.

    This doesn’t count though.

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