They’ve wedged in some County Championship fixtures

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Shit! They’re playing County Championship matches. How did that happen?

We’d checked the fixture lists and had therefore been slacking off because it’s only the Twenty20 Cup and we can’t really be arsed with that until they’ve finished the crappy group stages. But knock our chicken and chorizo sandwich to the floor and call us mildly exasperated and a tad disappointed if they haven’t shoe-horned in a solitary four-day match slap-bang in the middle of it all.

If there’s one lesson we should have learnt by now, it’s to never think we know what form of cricket the counties are likely to be playing on any given day.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Good spot, KC.

    When does Wimbledon start? And isn’t there soon to be some sort of footie thing in Safferland?

  2. Just thought I would bring this to your attention – a rather excellent photo of that God amongst county cricketers – Rob Key. He’s doing some macho shooting cricket bat pose which is worth a click…

    Its on the front page of the Kent County website so click here:

  3. Look, it’s all perfectly simple. If they had played a consistent series of T20 matches, people would have found it far too easy to become interested. Similarly, if they’d have kept the County Championship matches together, there could have been some support momentum generated there too. By cleverly mixing the two up they have ensured that the game is only watched by people who have the required personal characteristics to be a cricket fan (dogged determination, a stubborn refusal to be dissuaded, nothing else to do). If you make it easy, more people might come, and where would cricket be then, eh?

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