County Championship fever – more evidence


We took a walk alongside the canal last night. At one point, a barge went past and the guy at the tiller was clearly SUPER EXCITED about the climax of the County Championship. He just had that air about him.

With the next round of matches starting tomorrow, he was understandably keen to get somewhere where he could more easily keep tabs on developments, so he was absolutely tearing along.

The canal speed limit is 4mph, but this character was going way faster than that – say 5mph. Boats moored along that stretch were being buffeted by the wake.

That’s what the County Championship can do. That’s its power.

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11 Appeals

  1. Unbelievable scenes…

  2. I hope he wasn’t so reckless in his desire to find out what was happening that he knocked one of the boats people live in moored to the side of the canal.

    I did that once and the occupant was less than pleased.

  3. I heard about a man who was so distraught by Lancashire’s performance at New Road that he turned on his toaster, got in the shower, and toasted himself a teacake for later to take his mind off things.

    • King Cricket

      September 6, 2011 at 12:38 pm

      We heard the EXACT SAME STORY, so it must be true.

      We also heard that teacake sales in the North-West were up by two per cent in August. It’s ABSOLUTELY KICKING OFF round here.

  4. I heard people were so excited, they forgot to switch their kettles on afterwards.

  5. Bakerloo line was abnormally busy this evening. Someone suggested it was people trying to get to Wembley for some inconsequential event, but more likely it was a dry run in preparation for Div 1 cricket at Lords.

  6. In other news overnight, rumours abound that Colonel Gaddafi has fled Libya.

    The BBC suggests that he might be heading for Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso.

    I think it is far more likely that Gaddafi is desperately trying to get to Liverpool in time for the (10:30, remember, it is now September) start of Lancashire v Hampshire crunch match.

  7. This website is turning into a poor man’s The Daily Mash.

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