The County Championship title race

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Up and down the country, people are SUPER EXCITED about the climax of the County Championship.

We were in the supermarket at the weekend and we saw this woman shopping with her kid. You could tell that she was super excited about the County Championship and wanted to make sure she got home in time to watch this week’s matches on Teletext, so in the end, they just left.

She paid for what she had in the trolley, but it definitely wasn’t a full week’s shopping. This was confirmed as she was walking out, when she said to her son:

“I didn’t get the crackers.”

That’s how super excited people are about the climax of the County Championship. We’ll let you know if we manage to gather any more evidence.


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  1. Evidence? I’ll give you evidence.,

    I drove back into central London this morning amidst far more traffic than I have experienced in recent weeks. Far more.

    I suppose, with Middlesex and Surrey both still in the mix for promotion, I am fortunate that it wasn’t complete gridlock.

  2. Presumably she’ll have to go back for the crackers. they can only be for a party to celebrate her sides possibly win… Unless they don’t win of course. Then she’d have to save them until christmas!

    1. What’s teletext? What’s TELETEXT? Only the finest bloody way of watching cricket ever invented, that’s what.

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