Nottinghamshire take the 2010 County Championship title

Nottinghamshire overcelebrate recording one bowling bonus point

By the broad blade of Tavaré that was exciting. The County Championship title was decided just as it should be – by abject Lancastrian batting.

Lancashire’s increasingly fragile top order allowed Nottinghamshire to record a bowling bonus point just in the nick of time. Nottinghamshire’s rivals for the title, Somerset, made the mistake of finishing early so that they could get to the airport. That must be annoying.

We weren’t supporting either side, but we’re happy for Chris Read on account of his raw deal. Also, having been runners-up two years running, the Nottinghamshire players might never have made it through the winter if they’d had to sit in the changing rooms with the rain lashing down while it happened again.

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13 Appeals

  1. True finesse, getting the words “Tavaré” and “exciting” into the same sentence.

    Top thought-dumping, KC.

  2. Grammatically the should have been a comma between Tavare and exciting.

    I can only assume the champagne was flowing.

  3. It is here, hence the use of the word “the” when “there” would have been better.

  4. King Cricket

    September 16, 2010 at 10:52 pm

    Shouldn’t thesaurusrus have a capital T?

  5. No, its not a proper name.

  6. Touché.

  7. Shouldn’t “its” have an apostrophe, thesaurusrus?

  8. Grammar smack down agogo!

  9. King Cricket

    September 17, 2010 at 11:30 am

    What the hell are you doing here, Ne?

    Where’ve you been?

  10. I nipped off work early, parked on Warwick Road, sneaked in through an open gate when Notts were 398 for 9, and sat down to watch the exciting end to the season all for free (I suspect that the gate was left open so that people could come in for free, but I prefer to think that I sneaked in illegally and that as we speak LCCC are holding an investigation into how it happened).

    By the tavare blade of Broad, that was exciting (note the comma). And Paul Allott was there as well! Life just doesn’t get any sweeter.

  11. Top sneaking Bert. All the sneaking I get to do these days is trying not to wake mrs string at 4am with heavy, drunken footsteps and decibel-rich snoring. Not nearly as much fun.

    Anyone else feel as though today’s ODI at the Oval is a real anticlimax?

  12. This county season has been outstanding – I have given up on the England v Pakistan stuff, which has been too much tabloid and short on on field drama.

  13. I feel sad that no-one wants to hug Luke Fletcher, because he will crush them in his bear like arms.

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