Last day of the County Championship 2010

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Absolutely fuckloads of blue sky - they'll be out in a minute

Ears of Agarkar! It is STILL going off out there in the County Championship.

Despite a profound lack of interest among King Cricket readers and an equally profound resistance to the phrase ‘it’s all going off out there’ we are going to continue with our coverage of the climax of the County Championship.

Somerset have now moved into the lead through their ingenious tactic of playing cricket. Nottinghamshire really should take note of this.

The title might actually be decided by two captains cobbling together some sort of agreement for a run-chase – that or bonus points. Either way it’s a fantastically awkward way to finish and therefore perfect.

Hopefully, at the end of the day, we can all agree that the real winner was the weather and not cricket.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. The only way the drama could get better is by letting Messrs Duckworth and Lewis loose on the 4 day game for a special one off extravaganza.

  2. I rather resent the implication of lack of interest. I may not have enthused much on here, but I was of the opinion that such a lack of apathy was rather frowned on by KC and his court.

  3. I’m with The Smudge. I’ve been doing little else but be enthused about the County Championship. Me and my Notts mate have been exchanging multitudinous emails and attempting to get comments posted on the BBC live coverage for three days. It’s been great. Notts man even got one of his anecdotes on the BBC, although they editied out the name of the player in question, refering to him only as “an ex-player.”

    But is this the place for such enthusiasm?


    (Brilliant hover caption, by the way. One of the best yet.)

  4. I agree with Bert. I’ve been like a girl who’s pregnancy test got lost in the mail.

    It seems Warks have avoided the dreaded drop.

    This didn’t seem the place to display my full emotions

  5. I have to wrestle with myself to contain my excitement.

    At the end of the day, the winner of that wrestle will be Ged and not Ged,

    But enough about me. Our Somerset-supporting nephew will be over the moon if Somerset win the title today, or sick as a parrot if they don’t.

  6. So now, following our beration (is that right?) about not being bothered, here is some botheredness:

    Somerset need four wickets and 147 runs and whatever more runs Durham can score and for it to stop raining.

    Notts need the above not to happen and 101 runs and three wickets in about 38 overs or so.

    Yorkshire need time to go the other way like in that Superman film and then to play considerably better when it starts going forward again.

    So it’s still a three horse race.

  7. I was listening to the sound of the Wurzels care of the Somerset dressing room….

    Being there and being a King Cricket reader are mutually exclusive.

    I’m registering my interest retrospectively and ask that you get me some super dooper interactive electronic stuff for Christmas so that in future I can be more timely.

    It was exciting and tense – except for the quality of music.

  8. If there were a Venn diagram depicting ownership of super dooper interactive electronic stuff and being a King Cricket reader, there would be quite a small overlap, we suspect.

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