How to draw up a first-class cricket fixture list

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Somerset are in the Pro40 final on Saturday. Their Championship match at Durham finishes on Thursday night.

Not wanting to spend five or six hours travelling the day before a one-day final, Somerset have opted to fly from the North-East on Thursday night. Their flight is at 7pm.

How does that work then? Well, they’re finishing their vital County Championship match – one that could decide the title – 45 minutes early on the final day. They were suppose to make the time up each morning, but that hasn’t happened.

Does anyone else feel like Real Madrid wouldn’t traipse off after 85 minutes of a deciding Spanish league match so that they could catch a flight to Milan for the Champions League final?


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  1. I was trying to clarify ft it was weight issue or several acres of coverage, i think that’s reasonable.

  2. What’s ‘several acres of coverage’?

    We don’t understand this site any more. We’re going to start a new one about receiving the Thomson directory and then immediately putting it in the recycling. That’s a concept we can get our head around.

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