Nasser Hussain describes one or two India players as ‘donkeys’

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The BCCI are pissed off because Nasser Hussain said some of the India players were donkeys in the field. British viewers will find the comments below pretty innocuous, because ‘donkey’ is pretty common slang over here when referring to less athletic fielders. We’re guessing the term isn’t used so much in India though.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. The BCCI are rightly angry. In certain Hindi dialects the phrase “dohn kee” is a huge insult, normally reserved for large administrative bodies whose recent performance has been so bad that they’ll take any pathetic excuse to deflect some attention away from it. To compare the Indian players’ levels of incompetance to that is grossly wrong.

  2. The BCCI clearly misunderstood Nasser’s comments. They thought he was referring to Don Key, Bob Key’s rotund and clumsy uncle.

    No-one would accept their precious little charges compared with Big Don, least of all the BCCI.

    It’s an understandable mistake.

    1. Who, the BCCI?

      It does sometimes seem like the BCCI has more in common with that minority than the average India fan.

  3. I love Nasser’s commentary, but I do feel he should be a bit more aware of cultural differences that exist. While I don’t think it is a big deal (because his intention was hardly in question), you’ll see some backlash to a comment like this from just about any people. Try going to New York and saying Derek Jeter is an absolute donkey in the field. You *would* rub people the wrong way.

    1. To be fair mate, Jeter WAS a good shortstop. India’s fielders? some of them are NOT good fielders…

  4. Donkey translates “gadha” in Hindi which is a milder form of swear word usually directed at youngsters when they are being prats or not doing things right.My brothers often called me that frequently laced with a clip around the ears.So the lads should cosider themselves lucky that uncle Naz is just calling them Gadha.

  5. Khakis are better suited to dress uniforms. When in the field camouflage is probably a better idea.

  6. CW has played host to a delightful chap lately who is either a hilariously stereotypical Indian fan, or is a parody of one. His first major contribution was a 40-page thesis on trying to prove why Tendulkar is as good as Bradman with formulas. His recent contribution to this subject, in full, is this:

    “Let’s see…I had a white wife and she told me ‘white trash’ is a slur in the USA. I don’t know what it really means though and I never bothered to know it. I wanna piss off some of you white trash out there knowing very well it is a slur but not knowing what it actually means.

    But I guess most of you will give a damn to this post…after all it’s just some post in this vast internet ocean. When we don’t take journos seriously, why take such posts seriously.

    Hey but I know this for sure – many of you european ancestry fellows are neanderthals. And that is the truth…even more truer than the donkeys that were supposed to have been fielding for India. I mean you all are not even monkeys…you all are a failed species – neanderthals. Thank goodness there were other apes like my parents who evolved to become homo sapiens and some of them had sex with your neanderthal ancestors to give you human genes.

    Now, before sending out those infraction points and deleting this post, dear Mods, please try to empathize with me. I am an Indian…in our culture referring to someone as donkey is not done. I can understand someone who dunn know enough about my culture referring to an Indian that way. But I cannot forgive someone, who in spite of being told that it is a derogatory reference, continues to trash it off as some stupid thingy (like some of the neanderthals have done in this thread). There is no need for anyone to add to it (I know I am adding to it here and I am doing it especially to rile you neanderthals off).

    If you want me to be sensitive to your cultural stuff then you be sensitive to my cultural stuff, you stupid neanderthals.”

    I for one consider it a modern artistic masterpiece. It is purest bile, yet incapable of pissing anyone off due to how hilariously it’s been misplaced.

    1. Wow what a nut job.

      I hope that other people pointed out 1) Naz is, “ancestry” speaking, whatever that means, an Indian, 2) that Neanderthal thing is for all non-African humans, including Indian, (actually, I seem to remember that you get MORE neanderthal DNA the closer to west Asia you get, but the news in English is typically eurocentric).

  7. This is similar to the whole row about Harbhajan allegedly calling Symmonds a monkey. Monkey is not too big an insult in India but the rest of the world reacted in horror! Being in a commentary box with listeners from across the world, you need to be a little aware of what you utter. You can’t just say something inane and then be scornful of the reception it gets.

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