Jimmy Anderson doing an impression of Nasser Hussain

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We can only do one impression and it’s an impression of our friend Neal doing an impression of himself. Not only are there very few people who could potentially appreciate it – it also isn’t particularly good.

We are therefore filled with admiration for Jimmy Anderson and his note-perfect mimicry of the great Nasser Hussain, as seen in Graeme Swann’s first video diary. Perhaps we need to spend more time ‘getting into character’.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Magic – such a realistic impersonation I’m wondering whether it is actually Nasser mimicking himself. Could be Nasser’s real nose and a Jimmy Anderson mask.

    In other on-line news, apparently some young people are trolling and bullying themselves, in an on-line equivalent of self harm.


    What’s with you, Ged? Nothing better to do after eating your lunch than reading KC, watching a silly Youtube vid and then looking at the BBC website as well? Can’t you digest your food quicker than that, Ged? No friends to talk to after lunch, Ged? Not got a life, Ged?

    (Hmmm – I rather enjoyed that. I might try it again later.)

  2. “I really want to watch the cricket tonight, but sadly I can’t. Bigger issues demand my attention and I’m not talking my mental health”

    – just seen this on cricinfo’s twitter feed digest (or whatever it is). are we supposed to be able to infer what graeme fowler is talking about – ?

  3. It’s an awesome way for the players to interact with the fans. That said, I shudder to think what the preening metrosexuals in our team would produce for a video diary. Waxing with Watto?

  4. Panesar and Stokes in, Tremlett out. With only 5 batsmen this team is seriously lacking Ballance.
    Can’t see you retaining the ashes now.

  5. Five batsmen, twenty batsmen, it really doesn’t mater if we keep playing stupid shots. I like the aggressive bowling line up, plus Panesar hugely adds to our fielding ability…

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