Jimmy Anderson sullied by marketing

Jimmy Anderson’s been signed up by everyone’s favourite overexposed cricket bat brand, Mongoose.

All you need to know is that the designer thinks that Anderson’s bowling is “an ideal brand fit for Mongoose”.

Imagine what state your soul would be in if you worked somewhere where people regularly said things like that and meant them. Just imagine.

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4 Appeals

  1. Jimmy Anderson sullied by a Mongoose.

    That sounds disgusting….. Is it on youtube?

  2. Why would a bowler be the right person to endorse a bat? Is it one of those ‘ironic’ things like when Julius Francis got the soles of his shoes sponsored before he fought Mike Tyson?

  3. King Cricket is an ideal brand fit for Matty Hayden. I really mean it.

  4. Eh? Do they mean “James Anderson is the kind of bowler who will repeatedly chuck ’em down right in the slot when bowling at the death, allowing our bat to show how much of game-changing weapon it really is”? Seems illogical to me.

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