Paul Collingwood part of a proper England one-day batting line-up

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Paul Collingwood has played more one-day internationals than you and your mate Kenny combinedWe were struck that England actually had a good batting line-up today; one with rare solidity.

With Andrew Strauss and Jonathan Trott opening, England have grown-ups at the top of the order. There’s a dependable feel about both of them and the rest of the line-up hangs off that.

In the middle order, Kevin Pietersen’s ace, Paul Collingwood knows one-day cricket inside-out, while Eoin Morgan‘s potentially England’s best-ever one-day batsman – unfazed and both deft and powerful. Matt Prior’s not done well, but he’s one of the better batsmen in English cricket and we’re happy with him at six. Luke Wright’s the end-of-innings slogger.

It was Collingwood’s day today. He’s hit 617 one-day runs at 51 this year. How many matches until people call for him to be dropped because of his ‘lack of talent’?


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  1. Mr Collingwood: ODIs – Englands most capped player and 2nd highest run scorer. Man of the Match with a stunning catch, 2 top order wickets for 24 and a mere 105 runs, The Class Act!

    I recon the very next time he scores less than 20, ‘the lack of talent’ gang will be out for him.

  2. Trott’s Crincinfo bio has this hilarious opening line: “An aggressive right-hander, Trott was born and raised in South Africa to a family *steeped* [emphasis mine] in cricketing history: he is related to Albert Trott, the former Australia batsman, though he is unsure exactly how.”

    In this vein: England has a fantastic batting line up which inspires confidence in its fans and awe in its opponents though we are unsure of whether this is actually true.

  3. I thought we knew why everyone loves to dream of metaphorically decapitatiing Collingwood?

    It’s because when he’s out of form, he is quite perhaps the ugliest looking proper batsman on the face of the planet.

    Takes a special type to relish a good nurdle.

  4. I always feel that Collingwood is on the point of prolonged period of ineptitude and that England will take six months to drop him, leading to more dismal team displays.

    This is as opposed to the bigger ‘talents’, like Pietersen, who you feel are on the point of a prolonged period of success at any given moment.

    That’s why Colly should be dropped at any opportunity. This isn’t one of those opportunities…

  5. I think Colly should be dropped with immediate effect. His performance yesterday simply was not good enough.

    What are we England supporters supposed to do for aggravation when Colly plays like that.

    It’s a disgrace.

  6. D Charlton professes a lot of sense. Drop Collie from the test team.

    I know 2 people called Kenny.

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