Were you doing something else when England played India at the Rose Bowl?

Maybe you were pipe-cleaner modelling or carrying out wig maintenance.

Here’s what you missed:

  • Vinay Kumar seemingly wearing clogs
  • MS Dhoni keeping without a hat on
  • Alastair Cook slogging a single to cow corner off the back foot about 40 times

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7 Appeals

  1. Thou shalt not term any shot played off the back foot a slog.

  2. While I was trying to watch the Rose Bowl broadcast last night, my enjoyment was disturbed by a laundry van delivering fresh laundry to the hotel opposite my flat.

    This is further evidence of County Championship fever.

    As several people have observed, people are flocking to London in droves in anticipation of first division cricket.

    I suspect that the unprecedented need for laundry across the road is arising also due to some of those excited cricket fans getting a little over-excited. I shall not elaborate on this point at breakfast-time.

  3. I want to make appeal and want to ms dhoni and his fans if u are listening dhoni specially jut i want to say please take rest by nt playing IPL and CLTT20
    because india team need u very much in all fieds like batting,capatain,sporting them,hepling them,
    Please dhoni i am also big fan of u and cricket i also want to become cricketer so please help india team first and cme and play at no 3 please borther

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