Mahendra Dhoni harnesses the power of the mind

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Do you control the mind, or does the mind control you? Who’s in charge?

Mahendra Dhoni was asked about the fact that India had turned up in Napier just 18 hours before the second Test. Here’s what he said:

“Mentally we are right there. When it comes to the mind, it depends on what you’re feeding into the mind. The mind doesn’t know if it’s Napier or what you’re feeding. You come and say ‘this is Napier’, and it believes it’s Napier.”

How can we know it wasn’t Dhoni’s mind persuading him to say that because it had wanted to stay in Auckland a bit longer?

Whenever we try and trick our mind to gain some sort of advantage, it’s never even paying attention. It’s usually just humming moronically.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I suspect Dhoni has been licking the fungal growth on the Napier pitch. The MS now stands for Muh Shrooooom. And he hasn’t pulled a muscle, he’s tripping off his tiny mind.

  2. I think he’s just become confused with his choice of words. It makes a lot more sense if you replace “mind” with “stomach”.

  3. “You come and say ‘this is Napier’, and it believes it’s Napier.”

    Until Mahendra, Napier had always doubted itself. Luckily for Napier, the Shaman came a-touring. As he set his perfectly manicured foot within the city limits, and as his Imperial head scanned the horizon, and as he nodded slowly with satisfaction, he proclaimed the now-famous words: “this is Napier”.

    Now the city knows and believes who it is. If you visit , and if you know how to listen to the streets and edifices, you will hear them peacefully seem to say: “I… Am Napier.”

  4. Well, it’s likely he was too busy dealing with what he’s been feeding his mind to deal with what he’s feeding his body.

    I guess it’s all up to God himself now.

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