Mahendra Dhoni is really very cool

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Mahendra Dhoni, flustered?

India are three wickets down in no time on a pitch that’s nastier than Satan when his haemorrhoids are playing up.
Dhoni: “Yeaaaaah. I’ll probably just stick around for 30 overs or so before basically just mincing the ball wherever I please when we get within touching distance of our target.”

Mahendra Dhoni is set upon by two thugs wielding knives.
Dhoni: “Yeaaaaah. I’m just going to take these knives off you, if that’s okay. Now off you go. Bye.”

Mahendra Dhoni’s trousers are aflame.
Dhoni: “Yeaaaaah. I’m probably just going to put these out now.”

This is what you can achieve when you’ve harnessed the power of the mind.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. What bollix. You must have seen a different match than me.

    Punter said that he thought 220 would be a decent score. All the changes on the teamsheet are affecting his mind. Who the hell does he think he is playing?


    Dhoni is playing such smart cricket. He is a player and a half.

  2. Mahendra Dhoni sports a ridiculous haircut.

    Dhoni: “Yeaaaah. I think I’ll get this stupid mullet cut off. Short scissor cut please mate.”

  3. Dhoni doesn’t have to do anything.. ..

    He’s got the Australian selectors working for him.

  4. Not to mention then captain as well Steve. Imagine what England could have done to Australia if Strauss was as good a captain as Dhoni.

  5. Sheesh, Wolf what planet of De Nial are you living on? Even with a pile of crocks, the Aussies still beat England, what is it? 7-1 including the CT? Are you going to say it is all Strauss’ fault?

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