Who the hell is Clint McKay and how did he get picked for Australia?

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This is Clint McKayAustralia have called up the Victoria bowler Clint McKay, because after being on the road for about nine months all their bowlers are falling to pieces. Who is he?

Clint McKay has been selected for Australia because he really, really wants to play cricket for his country. Lots of cricketers say that they want to play cricket for their country, but they imagine that it’ll just happen because someone once told them that they had ‘natural talent‘.

Clint McKay had a Victoria contract several years ago, but lost it. Rather than spend his time simultaneously crying and eating meat and potato pies, he trained like a bastard with an Aussie rules team and lost a ruck of weight. Then he took a load of wickets for his club and earned another state contract, whereupon he took further wickets for Victoria and got picked for Australia.

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Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. They pull names of a bag now after shaking it really, really hard.

    I think the question should be who is Adam Voges but then he took a great catch once which everyone saw (thanks youtube). That’s enough to get you picked again.

    Or who is Moises Henriques but then he got mullered by Pollard which everyone saw (as it was in a reasonably exciting tournament.) That’s enough to get you picked at all.

    Meanwhile, Stuart Clark and Simon Katich wander around Oz with the NSW team. Now there’s an answer that no-one seems to be interested in asking a question for.

  2. Not only Katich and Clark, but most of the useful Aussie cricketers ie. Blues and Vics, who aren’t injured. A star-studded lineup of former opening batsmen for Australia played for NSW yesterday, treading the opposition into the turf, while their Vic counterparts cruised towards 600. And Ponting opens the Australian line-up with a no. 6.

    As the Australian selectors wander further and further from the plot, you have to ask,

    Why McKay, over Nannes and Ronald McDonald?

  3. why over ronald mcdonaldand nannes?? well i can tell u why pal.. he takes wickets consistently , he bowls stump to stump and he was only victorian to make the all star team at the end of the IPL series in india.. so he deserves that australia cap!! good on him!! his a star

  4. Nannes would almost certainly have made the All Star team had his side progressed beyond the second league stage. McKay played an extra match but only took 1 more wicket than he did, with a worse average and worse economy rate.

    I find it incomprehensible that Nannes is not playing for Australia when everyone is fit, let alone when half the bowling attack are crocked.

    Crikey – this is all a bit crickety…..

  5. Clint McKay sounds like a character from an action movie.

    The one who is going to stop all the evil prisoners from escaping and causing mayhem.

    Or the one who is going to win the goddam war for the good guys single handed.

  6. Well, ASIO and ASIS have weighed in, and near as we can tell, the Australian selectors having been living the Jefferson Aeroplane dream and haven’t been off the powder for the last 32 months.

    I think its about the only reasonable explanation left.

  7. And now Siddle. Ha! The Indian team should be ashamed of themselves still being 2 all to this bunch of has-been, is, about-to be crocks.

    I can’t remember who is a first pick for Oz anymore. Whoever they are, they probably weren’t much chop anyway.

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