Who the hell is Jason Krejza?

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Australia have called up an off-spinner called Jason Krejza as support for Bryce McGain in the upcoming Test series against India. How Australia’s spin resources have – well – evaporated. Even McGain (who we won’t say a word against) will be a debutant.

Other Australian spinners we know: Dan Cullen, Cullen Bailey, Beau Casson, Nathan Hauritz.

Presumably these guys were overlooked due to the fact that, to a man, they have absolutely diabolical names. Cullen Bailey? Get a first name, man. Beau Casson? Get any kind of name at all.

So what do we know of Jason Krejza? Well, according to the Aussie selectors, he had a good season for Tasmania last season – which is just as well, because his career record reads 43 wickets at 45.46.

His season return was… oh. It was 18 wickets at 47.11.

The other thing that we know about Jason Krejza is that he’s so Australian-looking it’s actually physically painful.

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  1. According to wikipedia, his dad was a Czech footballer.

    He’s probably been picked in a ‘horses for courses’ way for the Indian conditions- Shan Udall, anyone?

  2. We kind of hope so. It’s annoying when selectors go off statistics. There’s more to the job than that.

  3. Im Jason’s brother whom taught him all there is to know about cricket and no he doesnt look like that above photo because he doesnt have as much hair now…. he he… Good work Bro.

  4. If King Cricket is attracting family members, I think it’s only fair that he adopt Jason Krejza, a la Jrod and McGain. Then we’d find out who’s the real power in cricket blogging, and maybe even get a measure of revenge for Eyelids.

    Spoilt a bit by the fact that he’s already been picked, of course.

  5. HA!

    I remember Jason from primary school. I thought that name sounded familiar!

    Good on ya for representing south-west sydney!

    P.S the fact he just beat me to the gold in the under 12s st francis xavier primary school shot-put was a certain indication of future sporting excellence (oh and he was in the year above me and 5 inches taller)

  6. In Jason’s younger years (17/18) he was a pretty good AFL player. He played for the South West Sydney Magpies. Oh yeah but he wasn’t as good as his brother George!

  7. I may have incorrect usage of words but no words can explain how the Krejza Clan are feeling today.. Well done Jason. And thanks for the above comment Sammy.

  8. Was an up and coming fast bowling all rounder until hit with stress fractures. Was the first player to score a century against my own team when he was 14 (We were unbeaten champions for 5 years, he always played the age group above until that season).

    Has scored a double century in Sydney first grade cricket opening the batting. I think he has focused more on his bowling in recent years though. Should be a very handy number 10.

    And he does have a brother named George. Never met him though.

  9. Wow that’s all i can say to describe what i saw amazing debut i hope to lead the chants at the Mcg

    Krejza Krejza Krejza Krejza

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