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We’re rapidly turning into the authoritative site on Jason Krejza. Here’s what else we’ve gleaned (from comments that have been left on other updates):

(1) His brother might well be called George and if he is, he claims to have taught Jason all he knows about cricket.
(2) He was a ‘pretty good’ Aussie rules player in his youth, but not as good as George.
(3) He beat Dan in the under-12s shot putt at St Francis Xavier High School.

We’re not sure whether shot putt was a major sport at St Francis Xavier High School. If you consult the comments on this article about England’s on-field behaviour, you’ll see that St Francis Xavier himself favoured the sport of ‘jumping’.

Jason Krejza given stamp of approval

Jason Krejza - reassuringly shite at battingWe’ve now decided for definite that we do like Jason Krejza. He’s gone a certain way to showing that a bowling technique of putting it up there and actually spinning it is far more productive than ‘keeping it tight’ spin bowling.

He got a bit panned, particularly early on, but it was his debut and he was bowling to Virender Sehwag. What spinner wouldn’t get panned in that situation? Australia took five wickets and three went to Krejza.

Proper, specialist spin bowlers who are interested in taking wickets most definitely have a place in this game. The part-timers and one-day spinners can piss off.

Virender Sehwag gives his verdict on Jason Krejza

“I think we will go after him.”

Run, Jason. Run!

There’s nothing left for you in India. Grab your passport and enough rupees to get you to the airport and just flee. You’re a marked man.

Virender Sehwag doesn’t do milking the spinners. If he wants spin-milk, he’s going right up to the cow of off-spin with a huge great sword and he’s getting it all out in one go. Then he’s going to roll around in the spin-milk, giggling.

We were reading an extract from Shane Warne’s Top 100 Cricketers today. In his entry about Virender Sehwag (number 35), he describes what Sehwag does when he’s struggling.

Sehwag was batting with Jeremy Snape for Leicestershire and Abdul Razzaq, who was playing for Middlesex, started to reverse swing the ball, creating all sorts of problems.

“I have a plan,” said Sehwag and promptly hit the ball out of the ground so that it had to be replaced.

That’s what he does when he’s struggling. He deliberately loses the ball by hitting a monstrous six. So what does ‘getting after the bowler’ entail?

Jason Krejza’s bowling figures

Not the first to test the reslience of the boundary boardsThere’s a fine tradition of Indian batsmen being introduced to opposing spinners, shaking their hand before punching said spinner squarely in the face without warning. And then doing it again. And again. This usually happens before the spinner even appears in a Test.

Sachin Tendulkar instantly decided that Shane Warne was going to go and in a warm-up match the leg-spinner went for 111 runs in just 16 overs. Before that, Navjot Sidhu systematically dismantled John Emburey’s confidence with a barrage of sixes.

Jason Krejza hasn’t really got a reputation worth savaging, but the Indian Board President’s XI have set about his bowling with contempt anyway. Krejza took 0-123 off 20 overs in the first innings of the tour match and in the second Yuvraj Singh set about him to give him figures of 0-76 off 11 overs.

Whether we were intending on adopting Krejza or not is looking moot at present.

Can there be any justification for adopting Jason Krejza – let’s put it to the vote

The other guyOn the one hand, he’s a spin bowler with a really mediocre record and people are lining up to, er… not know who he is – which is quite endearing. On the other hand, he’s Australian, which isn’t endearing. It’s a quandary and no mistake.

Former Aussie spinner, Ashley Mallett, is the latest to not really know who Jason Krejza is. He did have a go at talking him up anyway though:

“McGain had a terrific season and the other guy, well figures-wise he wasn’t that impressive but he does give it a bit of a rip so he has a real chance.”

It’s real call-to-arms stuff. It makes Krejza sound like exactly our kind of cricketer.

Who the hell is Jason Krejza?

G'dayAustralia have called up an off-spinner called Jason Krejza as support for Bryce McGain in the upcoming Test series against India. How Australia’s spin resources have – well – evaporated. Even McGain (who we won’t say a word against) will be a debutant.

Other Australian spinners we know: Dan Cullen, Cullen Bailey, Beau Casson, Nathan Hauritz.

Presumably these guys were overlooked due to the fact that, to a man, they have absolutely diabolical names. Cullen Bailey? Get a first name, man. Beau Casson? Get any kind of name at all.

So what do we know of Jason Krejza? Well, according to the Aussie selectors, he had a good season for Tasmania last season – which is just as well, because his career record reads 43 wickets at 45.46.

His season return was… oh. It was 18 wickets at 47.11.

The other thing that we know about Jason Krejza is that he’s so Australian-looking it’s actually physically painful. (He doesn’t actually look like the above image any more, but a photo like that positively DEMANDS inclusion.)

More info about Jason Krejza

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