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We’re rapidly turning into the authoritative site on Jason Krejza. Here’s what else we’ve gleaned (from comments that have been left on other updates):

(1) His brother might well be called George and if he is, he claims to have taught Jason all he knows about cricket.
(2) He was a ‘pretty good’ Aussie rules player in his youth, but not as good as George.
(3) He beat Dan in the under-12s shot putt at St Francis Xavier High School.

We’re not sure whether shot putt was a major sport at St Francis Xavier High School. If you consult the comments on this article about England’s on-field behaviour, you’ll see that St Francis Xavier himself favoured the sport of ‘jumping’.

Jason Krejza given stamp of approval

We’ve now decided for definite that we do like Jason Krejza. He’s gone a certain way to showing that a bowling technique of putting it up there and actually spinning it is far more productive than ‘keeping it tight’ spin bowling.

He got a bit panned, particularly early on, but it was his debut and he was bowling to Virender Sehwag. What spinner wouldn’t get panned in that situation? Australia took five wickets and three went to Krejza.

Proper, specialist spin bowlers who are interested in taking wickets most definitely have a place in this game. The part-timers and one-day spinners can piss off.


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  1. See, I told you he was One to Watch. He’s already got a better strike rate in India than Shane Warne.

  2. wow, hes really surprised a lot of people, specially me, cuz i watched that warm up game and man he got hammered and bowled pies all day long.

    here he kept his line just outside off, was getting a lot spin and flighted the ball, the whole day. it was very good to see.

    and maybe there is some truth in the line- indians play off spin worse than leg spin!

    well done to him. definitely with more experience krejzy eyes could prove to be the variation needed in the aussie line up.

  3. 8 for 215!? Those are the most bonkers figures ever. I can’t get my head round them. They make no sense.

    I am so confused I giving up cricket.

  4. He bowled ~1/3 of the overs, conceeded ~1/2 the runs, but took ~all the wickets. I guess that’s good. If confusing.

    Gummy also looks like he could do with a good pair of dentures.

  5. he looked okay but I think his release of the ball is a bit too “controlled”, he seems to cut his action a bit. there’s a bit of “putting” the ball on a spot rather than letting it rip out of the fingers. guys like sehwag, ramesh powar, even vaughan, all have really good releases. krezja would probably end up bowling a few full tosses because of his height but it would still benefit him if he could just let it rip a bit.

  6. 8/215 at 4.90 run per over..he got hammered but got everyone out. look at it this way, if everyone in the team did the same job he did, india would have been all out for 250 just before tea on day 1. not a bad position after losing the toss and bowling in nagpur.

  7. Although I have never watched Jason bowl, I would recommend that he adopt a more side-on approach during delivery. I would also recommend that he twist his waist more to get more torque on the ball. Finally, he seems to bring his arm down more quickly than necessary. I will have more comments once I have watched video of him, but this should help him for the time being. You’re welcome, Jason.

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