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Let’s anchor Ollie Pope as a flighty middle-order shotmaker and see where he takes us

Ollie Pope (via Sky Sports)
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Mount Maunganui is the home of the Nan Chair

Mount Maunanui (via Sky Sports)
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Four opinions to form about this England team during the first Test against New Zealand

Sam Curran (via Sky Sports)
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You can get live TV coverage of both New Zealand v England Tests for £20

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What are we calling the post-Strauss era?

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Chris Woakes has a beard now and that definitely says something although we’re not exactly sure what

Chris Woakes (via TMS Twitter video)
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Even the mere *idea* of playing for Yorkshire seems to have helped Dawid Malan. Somehow

Dawid Malan (via Sky Sports)
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The Awkwardest Squad: Why the 96/97 “flippin’ murdered ’em” tour of Zimbabwe was peak 90s England (a net bowler’s story)

England in Zimbabwe 96/97 (via Sky Sports/YouTube)

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Eoin Morgan had never tried coffee until last week. What does that say about him?

Espresso Doppio (CC licensed by Peter Gorges via Flickr)
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England’s four weirdest Test picks of the last 20 years

Joe Denly (via YouTube)

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