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Let us tell you about Moeen Ali from England’s World Cup squad

Moeen Ali (via YouTube)
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Let us tell you about Eoin Morgan from England’s World Cup squad

Eoin Morgan (via YouTube)
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Did you see Shoaib Malik flat-bat his own stumps like an absolute gimboid?

Shoaib Malik out hit wicket (via Sky Sports)
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Is a Ben Stokes with a rueful smile a diminished Ben Stokes?

Ben Stokes (via Sky Sports)
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England are a good one-day bowling side and if you think otherwise, you’re living in the past

Skyer (via ECB YouTube)
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We know this is maybe missing the point a bit, but that Jofra Archer seems quite a nice lad, doesn’t he?

Jofra Archer (Sky Sports)
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The Alex Hales affair: Street brawls, naked selfies and recreational drugs not part of ‘team culture’ says Eoin Morgan

A Hales eye view of Eoin Morgan, post back-turning (via YouTube)
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It sounds like plenty of England players were completely fed up with Alex Hales

Photo by Sarah Ansell
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Shall we try and work out what’s going on with Alex Hales?

Alex Hales (via YouTube)
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What the hell? Stuart Broad’s doing a podcast with Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry in Blackadder
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