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England’s four weirdest Test picks of the last 20 years

Joe Denly (via YouTube)

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Chris Silverwood’s first big England plan: time travel

Chris Silverwood (via ECB YouTube)
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England have hired a Yorkshireman as coach and no-one’s really noticed

Chris Silverwood – true or false? (via ECB video)
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13 things that happened this summer that sort of sum things up but mostly don’t

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Video: A new angle on a perfectly normal Steve Smith defensive stroke

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Stuart Broad v David Warner

Stuart Broad dismisses David Warner (via ECB video)
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2019 Ashes Worst XI – who gets into our composite team?

David Warner (via ECB YouTube)

Never mind all those Ashes Best XIs. Who would get into the far more hotly-contested 2019 Ashes Worst XI?

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The 2019 Ridiculous Ashes was a great Ridiculous Ashes, the 2019 Ridiculous Ashes was a ridiculous Ridiculous Ashes

Steve Smith (via ECB YouTube)
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Is the Oval Test the most maudlin of all the Tests?

Marcus Harris plays a textbook forward defensive (via YouTube)
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Is Steve Smith finally tired of batting?

England v Australia, fifth Test, day two

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