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Australia v Sri Lanka today might be a meaningless dead rubber, but on Sunday it’s FINALS TIME.

Australia and India might have played four one-day internationals against each other already, but they weren’t FINALS. Now its serious. Previously, both teams were only concerned with getting to THE FINALS. But now they’re 100% focused on the three separate matches that comprise THE FINALS.

We all thought that the World Cup was long-winded and wearisome, but the Commonwealth Bank Series takes eight matches to remove one team, before an all-or-nothing, win-at-all-costs final. Actually, that’s not true. You can lose the first one. There are still two more finals after that.


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5 Appeals

  1. Remember that the best team always wins the CB/VB/B&H/VPL series. England are defending champions.

  2. King Cricket

    February 29, 2008 at 10:15 am

    Who says that wearing ’em down isn’t a virtue in one-day cricket.

  3. for the first time ppl are awaiting finals more for off field excitements than on field…they wanna see how players from both team will share same field after all this…

  4. Good that this is the last of this format… I think it is dragging because of the earlier test series etc… too much of an overdose without a break… the charm is lost

  5. Shall probably only watch to see if they actually come to blows in this set of three – enough with the name calling and insulting – Punter has some fighting form and Hayden is obviously keen to bop someone smaller than himself. Not sure about the fighting potential of the Indian team but would have though Sreesanth would be a good bet and Harby could give someone a nasty bite.

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